“Arrow” recap (4.20): Out of the Darhkness


Previously on Arrow, Darhk gave his HIVE members little yellow pills to control them on his mission to set Genesis into motion, Diggle was backstabbed by his brother which resulted in Laurel’s death, and Felicity re-joined Team Arrow to ensure they take down Darhk once and for all.

Darhk, newly released from prison, is feeling awfully high and mighty. He struts into his HIVE, Merlyn in tow, and asks if Genesis is still on track. Upon finding out it is, he kills his entire board, because if he could get out of jail without them, what good are they anyway? And he can’t have dead weight—not now—because it’s time to start the final phase of Genesis.

Tales of these bodies quickly make their way back to Felicity in the Arrow Cave.

Arrow 420-1“It’s my professional opinion that they are super dead.”

Oliver is hesitant to attack, even though tactically it seems like Darhk is probably at his weakest if he’s killing his own, because of the whole magic thing. But Constantine told Oliver that there’s someone who can teach him Defense Against the Darhk Arts, but it’s WAY TOO DANGEROUS for anyone else on the team to learn, so he gives them the weekend off.

Diggle goes to see Lyla, who is a little salty about being in a metal safe house, but she’s better now that he’s laying low with her. p.s. The safehouse is an 18-wheeler.

After everyone leaves, Felicity approaches Oliver and wants to know more about this magic tutor.

Arrow 420-2“Sign me up for all the classes Hermione took.”

Oliver says that he’s worried about the magic turning him dark, because he feels that there’s already a darkness inside him, and he’s seen magic turn people. Felicity says that settles it; she’s coming with him. But also, it was already settled because she booked a private jet and hotel rooms (purposefully plural). Because Felicity.

Diggle is out of the truck on an errand when he gets an alert about his brother’s location. He decides to run after his brother on his own without telling anyone because he’s not the sharpest arrow in the quiver. They get into a bit of a gunfight and a game of cat-and-mouse, and Diggle continues to chase his brother across the city, despite Lyla trying to knock some sense into him over the phone.

Oliver and Felicity go to Hub City (Where Sara and Kendra got dumped a few weeks [decades?] ago in Legends of Tomorrow) and enter an underground casino, looking the part.  

Arrow 420-3I love how fancy secret illegal casinos always are. In real casinos, it’s all fanny packs and white socks with sandals.

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