“Call the Midwife” recap (5.5): Smoke and Mirrors


There are many unanswered questions in life. Is there a higher power? Will this election season ever end? Who let the dogs out? And, will I ever get through an episode of Call The Midwife without crying? The answers? Nobody knows, about 180 days, the Baha Men, and nope nope never.

Continuing this season’s trend of modernization and changing times, this episode is framed around advancements in science and medicine, and the consequences that come with this newfound knowledge. Like, did you guys know that smoking is bad for you?

Call1Don’t worry Violet; I feel the same way every time I exercise too!

Dr. Turner and Shelagh host a chest health clinic for the community, as many Poplar folks suffer from lung cancer, emphysema, and a host of other breathing problems. Tim watches his parents pour over a medical journal, sharing a cigarette, and reminds them of the latest study linking cancer to smoking. The Turners brush their son off, claiming that it is just one theory.

Call2A 14-year-old reading Freud? I weep for this kid’s future dating life.

Meanwhile, women are bringing men into the clinic, which is making other female patients uncomfortable, like one woman who brings her urine sample in a gift bag because Heaven forbid that men find out we ladies have urinary tracts!

At the clinic, we meet Roseanne, our Mum o’ the Week. She’s nervous about her delivery and has already scheduled herself for a hospital birth. Roseanne is married to Dennis, a kindly, older gent who makes incense for the local churches. Dennis is thrilled to be a father and clearly cares deeply for his wife.

Call3Can we ease up on the incense? This entire flat smells like bongwater.

We also check in on Fred and Violet, who is bringing home her Keep Fit lessons and teaching them to Fred. They work out together and have a few laughs until Vi gets a back spasm. Dr. Turner advises her to sleep on a door for stiffness and to take the week off of work to rest. If a doctor prescribed “sleeping on a door” to me, I would laugh in his face, but I guess this was a normal solution back in the day.  Fred assures Vi that he can handle her Haberdashery while she’s convalescing, but I have doubts.

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