“Once Upon a Time” recap (5.20): Ambrosia? I hardly know ya!


Previously on Once Upon a Time, Hades and Zelena fell in love, Regina and Zelena remembered that they liked each other for one day when they were young and now all their problems are gone, Peter Pan and Rumplestiltskin kidnapped Zelena, and Dorothy and Ruby made out but no one talks about that anymore.

This episode was split into two timelines, so I’ll split my weecap like that, too.

First, the Red Leather Jacket Origin Story.

I honestly don’t know why this timeline happened, I feel like it could have been covered with some dialogue, but instead we get to meet two new characters that we will likely never talk about again.

It begins with Hipster Emma getting cornered by a tough-as-nails bailbondsperson while on a mission to find out where she came from.

OUAT 520-1Brooklyn would be my first guess.

The bailbondsperson takes Emma to her hotel room and handcuffs her to the bed (not in a fun way) but as soon as she’s in the shower, Emma picks the lock. She steals some money (peeping a photo of a kid named Tasha while she’s in her purse) but instead of running away, she uses the woman’s computer to search her own records.

OUAT 520-2What’s this fanfiction.net you have open?”

The bailbondsperson is surprised to find Emma no longer cuffed to the bed, but even more surprised to find Emma just sitting at the computer, but Emma says she just wants answers about where she came from, and maybe this woman can help.

OUAT 520-3Step one, way more tank tops.

So the woman, whose name is Cleo, and though I’m not sure if anyone said her name until the end of the episode, I’m going to call her that from now on, because bailbondsperson is a long word to type.

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