“The Family” recap (1.10): Willa hits her limit


Hey! We have a pretty good episode this week, though there is a distinct Not Enough Willa problem. Can’t we just give her a spin-off? I would watch Willa manipulate people and put out fires and date hot ladies and climb the political ladder season after season.

Ten years ago, we’re at a tree-planting memorial for Adam. Claire and John each say a few appropriate words, as does Young Willa, who hopes young people will be inspired to follow their passions. Which works well, because that’s what we’re hoping for Willa. Young Danny says “This tree would mean a buttload to my brother” and launches into a monologue about how pointless the ceremony is. Today, Willa sits across from Ben and wishes him happy real birthday, his 19th. Adam would have been 19 in May. I’m having trouble with the tense on that one because we haven’t actually seen Adam die.

Willa tells Ben that Danny broke her nose once, after they’d been all cooped up on a car trip. She wants to know of Ben and Adam fought when they were all cooped up down there in the bunker. He says no. She’s quietly not buying it. Danny and Willa talk about life and snacks in the Governor’s mansion and Claire tells them not to get ahead of themselves. Claire offers Ben a special dinner of Chinese food for, um, his two-month anniversary of being back home. While I’m delighted to finally have a timeline for how long Ben has been “home,” this is yet another trash fire of an idea here on Terrible Plans<. The Warren ladies really think they’re going to have secret birthdays for Ben forever and the men will never figure it out?

Ep 10 Pic 1

Once the boys leave, Claire wants to know what’s up with the fake DNA test Willa got. She wants to know how much of Claire’s soul Willa sold on her behalf. Also, I would like to know if Willa is aware that technician who did the DNA test is mysteriously dead now.

At the police station, Hank is still waiting with his incriminating bird house. Meyer is out trying to find Clements, so Hank waited all night. Hank gets a little caught up in making a point.

The cops (And FBI? We have a weird overlap of jurisdictions here.) are all over Clements’ abandoned car. It looks like he was drinking and driving and crashed, but Meyer knows clean-living Clements wouldn’t do that. She thinks it’s a clever plant. The FBI? Not so much.

Jane is feeding goulash to a shackled Clements and still saying “I’m sorry” over and over. Clements is already working on her psychologically, because what the hell else can he do? He points out that Jane’s dad would no longer be proud of her. He says he has the chills from his infected head wound because everyone who gets captured by Doug gets the same sweaty illness on this show. Clements points out to Jane that a dead FBI agent in the house is an even bigger problem than having a live one. 

Meyer comes back to the police station and Hank says that after the ten years’ worth of minutes she took from him, she owes him a few. In an interrogation room, Hank tells her how hard it is to be a sex offender in prison and obliquely refers to screaming at night. It’s weird that the show is pulling punches on talking about prison assault now. It’s like they forgot what the whole premise of this show is. Anyway, Hank wants to be a hero now. Meyer keeps asking him what is in his still-closed bag, which is insane. I’m pretty sure that if you walk into the police station and say that you have evidence that’s relevant to an active child abductor case, there’s a lot less “What’s in the bag, Hank?” and a hell of a lot more “Hand it over, dipshit!” Hank says entirely true things about Doug being at his house and spotting Adam and then being at the political rally. Hank wants the whole world to know that he caught Meyer’s monster. Hank finally reveals the birdhouse, which, again, the police for some reason didn’t just rip straight out of his hands and take straight to forensics, and Meyer sees the logo.

Ep 10 Pic 2

And presumably at some point after that, Hank hands over Doug’s goddamned name and phone number, which he also has.

Meyer reviews her interview footage with Doug. Now she’s beating herself up for not figuring it out when she technically had all the pieces, though she didn’t really have the connections between them. Her supervisor tries to buck her up and then has to tell her to get a freaking warrant instead of just going into Doug’s place firing her gun. I love Meyer, but I have concerns about her learning curve.

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