“Wynonna Earp” recap (1.05): A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words


Previously on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna found out that Bobo is hiding Revenants in the trailer park, the Earp girls found out Henry is actually Doc Holliday, and we found out Doc is on a mysterious revenge mission.

We open with Wynonna running around the house in a white dress, so you know right off the bat it’s a dream. She’s following the sound of Waverly’s disembodied voice, which is calling out Willa’s name. Wynonna hears a scream and runs to the staircase, where an uncharacteristically stoic Waverly calls her Willa and points to her dress. Wynonna realizes that she’s wearing what Willa wore the last day she saw her. Wynonna hears another voice say, “Get them.” Wynonna points to the pile of bones at her feet and says that she has been, she’s been killing them; she’s been trying. “Not all of them,” the voice responds, and Wynonna turns around to see her little big sister standing there.

Wynonna Earp 105-1Do not start singing, ghost child! DO NOT!

Wynonna screams.

Waverly rushes in and closes a window and brings Wynonna water, easing her out of her nightmare. Waverly blames the prairie winds because of course she does, and tries to get her sister to drink the water, but Wynonna wants beer instead.

Wynonna Earp 105-2Who drinks beer in the morning? That’s what bloody marys are for.

Waverly knows all this killing is affecting Wynonna, and that she has to start dealing with these feelings now, because there are a hell of a lot more Revenants out there. She tells Wynonna that she was calling out Willa’s name in her sleep. She asks if Willa had pierced ears; Waverly was only six when she died, she’s starting to lose the details. Wynonna says that’s how you lose people, one piece at a time. But that if they can just kill The Seven, her and Waverly will be able to think and dream about Willa and Ward without it tied so strongly to such a painful memory.

Wynonna Earp 105-3And get some damn sleep.

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