Morning Brew – Kristen Stewart doesn’t “much experience” being a woman or gay in Hollywood


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At Slate: “Reducing Jamaica to a global stereotype promotes the myth that true LGBTQ liberation can only be achieved in the West—incidentally, the same place that created those colonial-era sodomy laws.”

Meanwhile, some dude rappers are complaining the “girl-on-girl” dancing happening in Jamaica is tacky and going to turn girls lesbian.

The Windy City Times has a great recap of Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza‘s talk at Chicago Humanities Festival. A quote:

“For us, our narrative is not about one charismatic leader. Our narrative is very much rooted in the nuances of our community which means that it’s important to us that queer Black women get our due. Black communities are not monoliths. We aim to break that narrative that being gay is a white thing, that we’re all out in the streets to save the lives of cis Black men, that we only focus on police violence. We are so many things—education justice, economic justice, racial justice, gender justice; you name it, we’re doing it.”

Amandla Stenberg says they’d prefer to use they/them pronouns and explains why on their Tumblr.

A new same-sex marriage bill has been introduced in Australia.

Wynonna Earp showrunner Emily Andras loves that we’re hot for Haught.

Jillian Michaels and Heidi Rhoades talk about their family with Huffington Post. A quote from Jillian:

“There are those who can seriously ask how you couldn’t love a small human brought into your home? I can’t even comprehend that kind of thinking. Neither one of my kids are biologically mine. Our son is biologically Heidi’s child, but what does that matter? I just don’t understand that line of reasoning. You didn’t give birth to your husband or your wife, and you love them.”

This video about being gay in the south is very telling, following Shanté Wolf-Sisson and Tori Wolfe-Sisson, the first same-sex couple to be married in Alabama.

You can now watch Jodie Foster‘s entire Tribeca conversation.

A Nigerian woman is wanted for having been a part of a “bisexual relationship.” Her name and photo are in the papers, urging anyone who knows of her wherabouts to contact the police.

Out comic Sam Jay gets real about why she hates Da Brat‘s “Whatchu Like.”

“As a person that grew up not understanding their sexuality, she was a thing that I could understand. I wasn’t sure if I was gay or straight. She was a tomboy, and I was like, ‘I get that.’ That’s what I thought I was at that time, and she was a person I could truly relate to. So she was the artist I attached myself to. That’s why I picked her as an artist to focus this whole thing around.

…they made her be someone she wasn’t. If you watch the video, they made her wear a bikini, they made her rub up on Tyrese… everything about it was awkward. Brat wore baggy jeans and rapped like the guys, but I feel like she got to a point in her career where they were like, ‘No one wants to see you do that anymore. You have to be sexy.’ And instead of finding a way to just be her, she just assimilated. It was awkward. It was like the first time I slept with my boyfriend. It was just weird. There was no reason for it.”


Hoodline talks with Cheryl Dunye about the 20th anniversary of The Watermelon Woman.

What an adorable new children’s book: Mummy and Mumma Got Married.


Cameron Esposito talks about her lesbian role in Mother’s Day with Complex.

Michelle Tea writes about sexual identity for Cosmo.

Coming out in the early ’90s, at a time when the fight for gay rights was gaining ground, a solid, even confrontational sexual identity was demanded (we were born this way, dammit!). Anything less was seen as wishy-washy, smacking of internalized homophobia. For gay women, an interest in men marked one as a traitor to queerness and feminism. People who identified as bisexual were schemers looking to keep one foot in the world of heterosexual privilege. As for those who opted out of a sexual identity, well, they were quite possibly insane.

Related: I Have Lost Interest in Boys, Am I a Lesbian?

Kristen Stewart is on the cover of the French Marie Claire this month and inside, she talks about being mistaken for a boy when she was younger, and how she feels about having short hair. Then she was asked this question:

MARIE CLAIRE: What is worse in your opinion, in Hollywood: Being a woman, being black or being gay?
KRISTEN: I don’t have much experience with these subjects, I don’t have much to say.
Celebrity Sightings in New York City - April 13, 2016 Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images
Take that how you will.
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