“Rosewood” recap (1.19): Destiny’s Third Wheel


On this week’s episode of Rosewood, we are finally met with a decent amount of TMI and Pippy. Hooray!

If you can’t tell, that hooray is dripping in sarcasm. Yes, there have been a few moments here and there over the last couple episodes, but overall I have been disappointed in the lack of screen time for these lesbian characters, aside from being a prop in the background. However, this week’s episode brought on something we all could see coming from a mile away.

ICYMI, Pippy and her childhood friend from the streets, Cassie, were recently reunited and their friendship basically picked up to where it left off. They have been spending a lot of time together; sometimes TMI will join them and sometimes she won’t. 

One thing is for sure: TMI is feeling a little left out. While Rosie calls out TMI for having a hangover, she confides that she went out with Pippy and Cassie the night before, but is having a hard time connecting with Cassie. She knows how important of a friend she is to Pippy, so she wants to make sure she is doing all she can to fit in.


During one scene, Cassie comes into the lab (because Pippy and TMI clearly have no home and the lab is the only place they can be found) and she and Pippy talk about how they used to sing for money and break out into a song, which TMI attempts to jump in, and it’s awkward. It also doesn’t help that Cassie is basically giving TMI a look of annoyance which I’m sorry, but Pippy needs to step up and tell Cassie to be nice to her girl!


The next day, TMI heads to the restaurant that Cassie works at to try and reach out to her in hopes they can be friends, because since she is such a good friend to Pippy, she wants to try and make more of an effort. TMI is so sweet and awkward and mentions something about a threesome but not in a sexual way more of like a metaphor, which Cassie then asks wait are you suggesting we have a threesome, and TMI says, “Oh god no, I am still trying to figure out how two works.” I also love the fact that she brought Cassie wine and got them tickets to see a Destiny’s Child cover band. That literally sounds like the greatest night of my life.


Later that evening, Pippy is greeted by Cassie at the lab (again!) where Cassie tells Pippy that her romantic feelings for her have never gone away and when she first reconnected with Pippy she planned on trying to break up the couple. However, after TMI’s visit and attempt at making things better between the two of them, Cassie realizes Pippy is with the right woman. Pippy agrees, of course, but Cassie says she can’t be friends with Pippy anymore and has to leave town.

Although Cassie definitely needs to go, I am happy to report that she was not killed off the show!

Let’s hope there is more lesbian action in the episodes to come.

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