Save One Show: What series is worth a reprieve?


E! Online launched its “Save One Show” poll this week and I’m flummoxed. How can I ever choose between so many loves? No wonder Sophie went mad.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is all but cancelled.

The ratings have gone down steadily — and the move to Friday night was just a nail in the coffin. The best I can muster is a hope that Lena Heady and Summer Glau are in talks for another show already. Sigh.

The verdict on Dollhouse is not as clear.

On the one hand, the show is gaining ratings with each episode — and it’s a genuinely good show. I am hoping for TPTB at Fox to trust their creator Joss and give him more time to play with his Dollhouse and us more time to watch Eliza Dushku kick ass. Preferably, in a better time slot.

Life is a mystery. Why is it on the “endangered” list?

I usually watch Life twice, once to just sit back and enjoy the fun and a second time to catch all of the lines I missed. And, of course, to watch Sarah Shahi.

Seriously, the last scene in Wednesday night’s season finale was one of the highlights of my TV viewing this year. Life is good.

I think the biggest heartbreaker for me is the possibility of life without Sarah Walker.

Yes, that’s Lucy Diamond threatening Sarah’s life. But honestly, the super-hot spies are just the icing on the cake of my Monday night must-see, Chuck. When the show got a second season, I thought that viewers had caught on to the delights of Chuck and Sarah.

Yet, even discriminating viewers like our own Dorothy Snarker have just discovered how seductive this series can be.

When I think of it, I really don’t have much conflict at all. My heart belongs to Sarah Chuck.

The E! poll might not make a difference to network execs. But, as Kristin Dos Santos pointed out, this is your chance to make some noise for your favorite on-the-bubble show. You never know.

What is the one show you want to save? What makes it worth your vote?

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