Rachel Maddow gives in and buys a TV


In a

new interview with Dossier magazine
, Rachel Maddow admits she has finally given in and purchased a television:

I got drunk last Thursday and ordered one on Amazon! (Laughs) Susan and I ordered take-out Chinese and I made cocktails and then somehow it just happened. I mean, it wasn’t like we were on some total bender or something — it was a weeknight — but I woke up the next morning and there was the confirmation email stating that we had indeed bought a $400 television.

Of course, since we were drunk, we had it shipped to the wrong place, so now we have to get this giant box all the way to NYC from our place up in Massachusetts and figure out how to install it. Neither of us have had a TV in years and years. The last time I lived in a house with the TV was in 1990, when I moved out of my parent’s house to go to college. Now there’s a giant box with a TV sitting in Susan’s art studio waiting for us.

Some people drunk dial, some people drunk text; Rachel Maddow drunk-Amazons.

This makes me wonder what Rachel will be watching. She doesn’t have a lot of free time, and she did not mention cable or a DVR. Still, I have my own ideas of what she might tune in to.

Gossip Girl

Rachel could easily be pulled into the teen drama about upper class richies and their overly-stimulated minds and bodies. She can compare their issues to the scandalous lives of Washington’s elite.

Ice Road Truckers

The dangerous lives of ice road truckers appeals to many, and our favorite MSNBC anchor could be one of them — especially after missing out on years of great television. The History Channel might become a favorite on her television remote, if she figures out how to program it.

Arrested Development

I have faith she’d own all three seasons on DVD. (FYI Rachel: They have them on Amazon.)

Guiding Light

Is she catching up on the Otalia romance? It can’t be politics 24/7. There’s got to be room for a little daytime romance. Maybe Susan could tape them during the day, or they can catch up on SoapNet at night.

What do you think Rachel will be watching?

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