“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.10): The Future is Shiny


Rip takes Persephone to a riverside and points a gun at him, talking to him like an actual psychopath talks to his kidnapped victim. The boy stands tall and firm, unafraid. He says Vandal Savage taught him what a killer looks like, and he can see in Rip’s eyes he won’t pull that trigger. Rip, bluff called, puts the gun down.

Rip agrees that he’s not a killer, but says this move isn’t weakness, it’s goodness. He tries to get Persnopoles to channel whatever goodness is left inside him and be the man his father would be proud of, not Savage.

Meanwhile, the Waverider is being attacked. Gideon says their weapons system is down and Sara straight up sasses the spaceship.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-11SASSES. THE. SPACESHIP. I love her so much.

The Legends finally remember they have superpowers though and run out and have a nice big group fight.

Ray and Kendra break into the robot suit building, and Kaylee comes in with a gun trying to stop them, insisting that the robots are peacekeepers. Ray says he knows, because he is the founder of all this.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-12Gorramit!

She looks at him dubiously, asking if he’s sure he’s Sydney Palmer. And Ray’s fragile male ego cracks just a bit. All of this is from his brother, who he thinks must have taken over when he disappeared in 2016. (Which would imply he never makes it back? Because they were supposed to go back to where they started? I could be trying too hard to make sense of all this.)

Kendra uses her sweet, sweet voice to convince Kaylee to help them stop the robots from taking over the world and she does.

Down on the ground, Savage grabs Sara and Rip grabs Pertifalus, causing the boy’s father to tell everyone to stand down. They exchange prisoners, Sara spitting fire with her eyes at Savage for daring to touch her perfect self.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-13How can an evil glare be so sexy?

Back on the ship, Kendra goes to talk to Ray and all the things she loves about him, like his optimism and sticktoitiveness. Ray says he won’t give up on them, but it’s hard, knowing he’ll always be second best. Kendra says Carter is her past, but Ray could be her future, and kisses him to prove it.

In Kasnia, little Persnickety goes to see Savage, who teaches him about Oedipus Rex (kind of) and gives him a big knife that the boy promptly uses to kill his father.

Gideon tells the team that actually all they did was bump UP the timeline, and now the disease is released even sooner than anticipated. Rip is starting to wonder if sparing the boy was truly the right decision.

Snart finally goes to see Rory and the two men grunt at each other until Snart finally proposes that they fight it out with their fists. They fight, and Mick bests Snart (having had extra lifetimes to train), but when it comes down to it, he can’t kill Snart. So the two of them go back to the team, and Rory offers insight. Now that he failed, the Time Masters will send in Hunters, who are even more ruthless killers than he was. Their main objective is kill, and his only advice for the Legends is to run.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-14Such a great promo shot for this week’s episode of Hawkgirl and the White Canary.

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