“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.10): The Future is Shiny


Sara goes to talk it out with Rory, and he’s excited to see her because he thinks she’s the only one brave enough to kill him. But that’s not why she’s here. She’s here to appeal to the humanity left in him and to tell him that while she was dying with Snart, his last words were about him, about their friendship.

Rory pretends not to be moved, but Sara just smirks knowingly. She tells him she just wanted to remind Rory that Snart was a loyal friend to the bitter end.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-7And maybe he’s a little in love.

In Kasnia, Peridontal’s father notices people on the CCTV that aren’t traceable, which is unheard of, and Savage recognizes the time travelers. He promises that these Legends won’t kill the little boy and heads out to save him.

Meanwhile, Rip wakes up the future villain and takes him to the dropship. When the team learns Rip has run off with the boy, Sara knows exactly why.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-8“I was too pretty; it was hurting his eyes.”

Perdenticles is incensed at being taken, being the son of the most powerful man in the country, but Rip tells the boy he’s taking him home.

Throughout the episode, Kendra has been remembering snippets of her life with Hawkman, back when they were Aldus’s parents. She remembers having to constantly be on the run from Savage, and how eventually Aldus caught on and they had to tell him about their lives —all of them.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-9You can tell it’s the past because lightbulbs used to be sepia-tinted.

Kendra tells Ray about these memories, these feelings rushing back to her. Ray, entitled as he is, says it must feel weird feeling like she’s cheating on him with Hawkman, but Kendra says it’s the other way around. Kendra says it’s his turn to share his feelings and he tells her about Kaylee and how he’s thinking about what having a kid in the future even means for him. So neither of them know where they stand now.

The next stop on Sara’s “Do I Have to Do Everything Around Here” Tour is Snart.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-10“Yes, hi, here to fix your problems, just another day.”

She tries to help him understand where Mick is coming from, and does her best to get the duo back together. She speaks fluent Snart, telling him to stop being an ass, suck it up, and do what needs to be done.

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