“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.10): The Future is Shiny


In fact, no one is okay with this plan except Snart. Ray says that maybe the kid’s future isn’t inevitable. Rip compares him to Hitler, even though I’m pretty sure they laid out very specifically why they couldn’t kill Hitler in the very beginning of this time travel adventure. Anyway, they compromise and say maybe they can just take him.

They get into position, and Snart complains about this crimeless future. Sara has a sniper rifle, though, so she likes the future just fine.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-3 I think Sara Lance and Wynonna Earp would get along fine.

Snart puts on his Google Glass specs and suddenly feels differently, as the lenses tell him everything about everyone and everything around him. They spot Perdido, flanked by guards, and Sara takes one out so Rip can slip in, a fact that he shouts, but luckily all the other guards and also the kid are temporarily deaf, so they don’t hear him.

Ray and Stein head to the HQ of the Atom soldiers to ask the leader of the company how they evolved the suit and the head of the company is none other than Jewel Staite aka Kaylee from Firefly. She’s the great-great-great-great granddaughter of the founder of this company. She points to a bust labeled PALMER and points out that Ray looks just like him…

Legends of Tomorrow 110-4SHINY!

Ray starts freaking out because this means he might have a kid who doesn’t know about and that kid raises a kid who raises another kid and so on until a supervillain is born. (This freakout is stupid because they’re in the future—oof course he could have a kid he doesn’t know about.)

Sara goes to see Permetheus and wonders aloud what the little future monster is dreaming about. Gideon says he’s dreaming about cookies, and Sara is mildly alarmed that she knows what they’re dreaming. Gideon proves this is the case by reminding Sara of herAND I QUOTE“rollicking fantasy” about Nurse Lindsay.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-5“Why didn’t we get a flashback of THAT?”

Gideon also has some bad news. They haven’t changed the timeline, and Gideon can’t see any outcome that doesn’t result in Savage rising to power.

They consider killing him again. Rip is willing to sacrifice him to save billions, but Stein asks if it’s really worth the stain on his soul. The poor kid was already beheaded on another show. Jax suggests maybe just talking to him, but Rip scoffs at the idea. Sara says that it’s not too late for little Persimmon to change, just look at her. She’s twice an Assassin and was saved from being feral.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-6“If I haven’t slaughtered everyone for keeping me and Nyssa apart, there’s hope for everyone.”

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