“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.10): The Future is Shiny


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, three of the Legends got stranded in 1960, where Ray thrived, Kendra got declawed, and Sara rejoined the League of Assassins, but everyone got saved, including Mick Rory, who turned out to be Chronos.

This week’s side mission is to get Rory to be human again, starting with Rip, who tries to convince him that Snart is not to blame for what happened. Rip had ordered Snart to kill Rory, so really he did him a favor. Rory is unmoved.

The team goes to 2147, to the Kasnia Conglomerate, a few years before Savage took over the world. Rip says that Savage is about to go into a meeting, and Sara sasses him about how terrifying it all sounds. But the plan is to stop Savage BEFORE his rise to power. Snart and Sara, still my favorite bromance, joke about needing the nerds if they’re going to survive in this bright and shiny future.

Rip tells them that the people milling about around them will be mostly dead in five years time because a virus will kill them all. A man tries to steal a purse and a bunch of robots swoop in and stop him. Ray recognizes these robots…they’re autonomous versions of his very own Atom suit.  

Rip leads Sara and Snart into the meeting Savage will be in, and uses contacts to get clearance. Rip starts to introduce his associates and came SO CLOSE to calling Sara his personal assistant but remembering that she can hit someone harder with a sneeze than he can with his fist, calls her his bodyguard instead.

Legends of Tomorrow 110-1Smartest thing Rip’s ever done, tbh.

Alas, it’s still only him that’s allowed in.

In the meeting, Vandal Savage is pitching his armageddon virus, saying the population must be thinned for it to be a sustainable number. He gets shut down, for what sounds like the umpteenth time, and heads off to tutor a little boy…and it’s Aden from The 100. *sob*

But really it’s Per Degaton, the young son of the head of the Kasnia Conglomerate. And being named Per Degaton might be a crueler fate than beheading, if we’re being honest.

Rip tells the team that in the future, after the death of his father, Per Degaton releases the armageddon virus, which is the beginning of the end, the reason Savage was able to rise to dictatorship. But not before killing Per Degaton. (Every time I type this I want to shout, “It’s morphin’ time!”)

Kendra asks how they can stop Savage’s rise to power, but Snart knows what Rip was implying —they have to kill the boy now. The girls do not love this plan.


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