“The 100” recap (3.10): Flying on broken wings


I’ll tell you something right here and right now: If they keep up this trend of having Clarke disappear for 98% of the episode every other week, I’m not going to be pleased. And I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If one single person forgives Bellamy and so much as smiles at him before next season, I will start kicking people off towers like Lexa taught me.

Let’s get to it.

Miller and Harper find Bellamy still chained up in the cave where Indra left him. He sees Sinclair walk in; he sees Kane walk in; he sees Octavia stomp in. He asks where Lincoln is, and Octavia all but growls that Pike killed him. Bellamy tries to offer his sister a comforting word but gets a fist to the jaw. Then another. Then another.

Kane tries to stop her, but Bellamy tells him to stay out of it like he’s a meddling parent. She beats the living daylights out of him, then tells him that he is dead to her.

The 100 310-1And frankly, luckily he’s not actually dead by her hand.

Meanwhile in Polis, Ontari opens her bedroom door (LEXA’S BEDROOM DOOR), and an ambassador asks her if she’s ready for the name listing, a final step in her ascension. Ontari is ready to kill him to get out of it, but Murphy (chained to the wall) lies his way out of it for her. Ontari knows this charade isn’t going to last very long if she doesn’t have the flame, but Murphy offers to help her lie.

The 100 310-2Every time I see her face, I imagine a little girl getting her face branded. 🙁

In Arkadia, Raven is doing everything in her power to drown Alie out. She’s reciting There Is A Balm in Gilead and blaring music and working out —anything to quiet the voice in her head.

She’s starting to draw attention, and Alie tells Jaha that Raven is the strongest mind she’s ever known. Abby shows up and scatters the people gathered outside Raven’s room. She tells Jaha to scoot and knocks. Raven tears open the door and begs Abby to get this woman out of her head.

The 100 310-3“Or YOU could overload my senses…”

Monty’s mom comes to talk to him and tells him to pack his things and leave because otherwise Pike will punish him for helping Octavia. She says he should go find his friends and be safe. He wants to hug her, but their conversation can’t look like goodbye, so he leaves without another word.

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