RachelWatch: Obama says “Live on, Time!”


Today: The Fringe objects to Obama’s Beelzebubbly personality.

Newt-Lear Free Zone

Rachel led off with President Obama’s well-received speech in Prague, during which he made the wacky over-the-top statement that we should all work towards peace and a world free of nuclear weapons.

Newt Gingrich, fresh from threatening to stop North Korea’s missile launch by bribing mysterious missile-jacking gangs, deploying supercool lasers, or calling on the Power of Greyskull, called Obama naive.

Joe Cirincione, President of The Ploughshares Fund, joined Rachel to talk about why North Korea’s recent missile launch is still scary even though it was powered by a plastic propeller and a tightly-wound rubber band.

Spore Losers?

North Korea’s World Cup team lost to South Korea. Ouch. Rather than using the excuse that they had totally been focusing on missile production, North Korea has accused South Korea of serving their players “adulterated foodstuff.” Am I the only one who thinks that sounds scandalously tasty?

The Party of NOminees

Rachel gave us a rundown of the Republican Senators who are currently holding up Obama’s nominees. Chris Hayes, Washington editor of The Nation, dropped in to talk about the political calculations that just might possibly be behind the delays.

Senator Richard Burr (R – North Carolina) has still not given a reason for holding up the vote on nationally recognized veterans’ affairs advocate Tammy Duckworth, and Rachel doesn’t seem to have any plans to stop pummeling him anytime soon.

I hope your impending withering is worth it, Senator!

Ms. Information

Rachel noted that Lawrence Summers, Obama’s top economic adviser, resigned from Harvard after theorizing that men are inherently better at math and science. Summers also rooted for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act, which just helped collapse our economy. Good thing no girls were involved. What a pickle we’d be in then!

We also learned that Jeffrey Frederick is now the ex-chairman of Virginia’s Republican Party. He’s the sixth chairman in six years to be fired, but perhaps the first to be kicked out for stupidity in Twittering. He maybe shouldn’t have chosen the name @HugeRepublicanSecrets.

Beyond the Palin

I’m mostly dropping in a clip of this segment so you can witness the astonishing moment of Rachel Maddow referring to something that happened on Tyra. (Personal to anyone who works at The Rachel Maddow Show: I will send you a case of Funyuns if you can convince Rachel to make an on-air statement involving America’s Next Top Model.)

Sarah Palin, who paraded the engagement of her pregnant teenage daughter to Levi Johnston at last year’s Republican Convention, is “disappointed” that Johnston would now be so crass as to exploit that relationship by talking about it on television.

No, I can’t figure out why Ms. Palin has not yet been struck by lightning either. Maybe it’s because of residual ash from Mt. Redoubt.

The excellent Connie Schultz of the Cleveland Plain Dealer checked in to share Rachel’s thorough and correct disgust with the whole situation.

GOP in Exile

Rachel reported that Dick Cheney does not wish to have his records moved to the Bush Presidential Library because he needs to refer to them while he works on his memoirs.

Reported working titles are On the Waterboard, White House of Pain, and I Have Always Secretly Loved Kittens, Butterflies, and Snickerdoodles.

Rachel Re:

Oh, hooray! Backwards masking is back! I was worried that it would be lost in the backwaters of angry music theory, but no. A few brave souls have relaxed their vigilant watch of demonic forces like the Electric Light Orchestra long enough to accuse the President of putting his thing down, flipping it, and reversing it.

Oh, God, it’s all so wonderful. Please don’t anybody debunk this. Just let the magic happen.

Cocktail Moment

Senator Orrin Hatch (R – Utah) writes patriotic music that will make your brain melt with delight. Even the tracks without backwards masking on them. Please enjoy the sample of the Hatch-penned “Amazed by America” on Steve Amerson’s new CD.

Warning: NSFW. Hatch keeps it real, and sometimes real ain’t pretty.

Until next time, stay amazed and don’t forget to turn me on, dead man.

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