Can’t Miss Queer Films & Events at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival


Films with Queer Women

Pistol Shrimpspistol shrimps

Aubrey Plaza’s Pistol Shrimps inspired this doc about Los Angeles’ women’s recreational basketball league. Actresses, comedians, writers, musicians, and more join in on the fun, including out entertainers Stephanie Allynne and Jesse Thomas. Imagine playing on the Shecago Bulls or the LA Nail Clippers. Well, these women don’t have to.

Contemporary Colorcontemporary color

For fans of music and dance, Contemporary Color can’t be missed. Legendary musician David Byrne put together an event to celebrate the art of Color Guard, which are “synchronized dance routines involving flags, rifles, and sabers.” Held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in the summer of 2015, the event saw performers like St. Vincent collaborating on original pieces.

Between UsBetween Us

Olivia Thirlby stars as Dianne in Between Us. Dianne is in a long-term relationship with Henry (Ben Feldman) that feels like it’s going nowhere, despite the pressures on them to marry and to essentially grow up. As the big day approaches, both feel the pull to step outside of their relationship, starting a series of events that drive this film.


Kristen Stewart in a sci-fi flick. Sold yet? Equals is a romance set in the future and in a dystopian world where human emotion is looked at as a disease. Yes, I’m sure it’s a romance. If you show feelings in this world, you’re diagnosed with “Switched-On Syndrome” and investigated by the Health and Safety Department. Kristen plays Nia, who’s in for a lot of trouble after falling for co-worker Silas (Nicholas Hoult).


Vloggers: we love them. Some of the world’s most prolific vloggers have amassed a huge audience and are making some great money by putting themselves out there. Vlogumentary follows around some of these individuals, including out vlogger Gaby Dunn. The film examines how she and her peers work and why this medium continues to carve out chunks of fans.

Electra Woman & Dyna Girlelectra dyna

Speaking of vloggers, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig are also bringing their movie Electra Woman & Dyna Girl to Tribeca. They’re superheroines! The film is a modern twist on Sid and Marty Krofft’s 1976 series of the same name. Having moved from Ohio to Los Angeles, Electra Woman (Helbig) and Dyna Girl (Hart) must now stop the evil afoot in Tinseltown.