“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.09): A League of Their Own


Sara tells Ra’s that he needs to release the prisoners to stop Chronos, and when he sees his unstoppable assassins being picked off like flies, he agrees. Firestorm merges, Sara gives Ray his suit back, and the team works together to take Chronos down.

Snart fiddles with a freeze gun and manages to escape his bonds, stumbling in just in time to keep the team from killing Chronos, telling them that it’s their old pal, Mick.

Legends of Tomorrow 109-10“This idiot has been outplanning us all this time?”

Sara explains to Ra’s that she thought she was coming home, but she was wrong. She had a home. Ra’s says he doesn’t want her, what with her having a conscience and everything, so he releases her, knowing he’ll train her old self someday. Before she goes, Sara asks Ra’s to make sure Nyssa is on Lian Yu in 2008 to save her. Because even if she effed up her future by coming here, she wants to make sure Nyssa is still part of it.  

Legends of Tomorrow 109-11“Maybe this time I’ll be the one to teach her about milkshakes.”

Team Legends doesn’t know what to do with Rory. Sara understands what it’s like to feel split between duty and heart, so she’s not ready to float him or anything. Chronos is bad, but there might still be hope for Rory. So they decide to give him a chance at redemption.

Back in his room, Kendra explains to Ray that just because she, a probably-queer-let’s-be-honest woman of color, hated 1960 more than he, a straight white man, did doesn’t mean she didn’t love him. This is her first lifetime in literal centuries that she gets to choose who she loves, and she chooses him. He does the right thing and shuts his mouth and chooses her back.

The Waverider’s next stop is 2147, which is going to be hella dangerous but it’s their next best shot at stopping Chronos. Kendra and Sara are like, “We’ve both died before, lez goooo” and the boys follow gladly.

Legends of Tomorrow 109-12“I mean there’s probably HELLA queer women in 2147, yeah? I’m down.”

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