Anna Torv talks loves scenes with Shelley Conn and the return of “Fringe”


British readers know Anna Torv makes a great lesbian. In the States, we’re just beginning to discover that Sapphic side of her, as Mistresses is now airing on BBC America.

On the English show, Torv played Alex, a woman who becomes involved with Shelley Conn‘s character, Jessica, who, up until meeting Alex, was straight.

Clips of Jessica and Alex on Mistresses:

In a phone conference yesterday, Torv talked about her work on Mistresses as well as the continuation of the first season of Fringe, which begins next week right after American Idol. Torv said she “loved Alex,” especially in the first episode she appeared in.

“She was just so hard in the beginning,” Torv told reporters. “I loved that. I loved the beginning of that. I loved that she was just so self-righteous, so harsh, like ‘I don’t want you’ and then inevitably ending up having her heart kind of broken.”

On her love scenes with co-star Shelley Conn, Torv acted blase, saying ” It was like any romance scenes you film with anybody. I was blessed with Shelley, who is a beautiful actress and a beautiful woman, and we kind of had fun. We just went about our business like you would shooting any other scene, really.”

Kissing a beautiful woman: all in a day’s work.

Now Torv has moved on to the Fox sci-fi thriller Fringe, which has enjoyed a successful first season so far and is poised to capitalize on that success with even more disturbing scientific cases that Torv’s character Olivia and her colleagues must work on uncovering.

Torv said her favorite scenes on the show are those that include physicality.

“I love it when I’m in motion,” she said. ” I love doing sort of the rough and tumble, running and gunning. I know that when we’re in the Lab, I just get to be the question machine.”

**spoiler alert**

Without giving too much away, Torv did give out some hints on what viewers can expect from Olivia and the rest of the characters in the finale episodes of the season, including a developed relationship with Nina (played by Blair Brown).

“We actually had Blair in the FBI for an entire day, which was such a treat because usually we just shoot these scenes on top of these buildings, you know,” Torv said. “She does all her stuff in one day and then we say good-bye, but she was hanging about a bit, and she’s a joy to have on set. But, yes, things sort of start to — things are starting to fray, and Nina’s got a lot of answers.”

Olivia’s life is distorted and also a focus of many storylines on the show. This season, Torv said, there will be some light shed on her past.

We slowly start to discover some &mdash I never know what I can and what I can’t say — but we start to discover some things that sort of happened to her when she was really little that she doesn’t really remember, but they start to kind of — you start to see the stories or the lives of Peter and Walter and Olivia kind of begin to interlace a little bit, and you sort of see how their paths have crossed before,” Torv said.

Though Fringe might sound a little confusing to those who haven’t caught any of the first season, Torv said she thinks it would be easy to pick up on for those who might be interested in getting in on the action now.

“I think we’re kind of lucky in that if you are following it, there are things to follow, but if you are just dropping in, I still think that you’re going to be able to get your head around it,” Torv said. “You’ll be able to grasp where we’re at … I’m really hopeful that people, you know, tune back in and go on the journey with us.”

Will you be watching Fringe when it comes back to television on Tuesday, April 7?

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