“The Fosters” recap (3.20): Secrets, secrets hurt someone


Callie wants to know if Jude is into Taylor. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. Life is a mystery, you know? He thinks god doesn’t want him to be gay because he took away both of the guys Jude kissed. Oh lord, save us from thirteen-year-olds. Callie doesn’t think god works that way and besides Jack wasn’t gay. Jude doesn’t believe her story since Callie lies about pretty much everything. It’s a fair point.

Some people are upset that Jude is maybe “turning straight.” While you are entitled to think whatever you want, I don’t see it that way. When I was 13, I was pretty sure I was gay. I would never have admitted it because I also held out hope that my dearest wish would come true and I would fall in love with a guy and not have to be gay. I tried dating a guy in high school. He was so good and so sweet and if there ever was going to be a guy for me it was him. But kissing him felt like a lie. Nothing I could do would change that. I felt like I had to try; I had to try not to be gay because I hated that part of me so much. I wanted it to go away. Of course, it didn’t and of course, I am so happy to be gay. But when I was 13, I didn’t know that my life could be this. I didn’t know I could be gay and be happy and loved. I didn’t know any of that. So I give Jude some leeway here. He’s 13 and if he wants to kiss a girl or identify as bisexual, asexual, gay, pansexual, queer, or any other thing that makes him feel understood, I support that. It’s hard enough to be thirteen without having people tell you that you have to choose what you are right now! All I hope is that Jude’s journey is honest and true.

Foters 32013 Shhh! I am texting with God.

Nick is working through his feelings like most of the privileged white dudes we see on TV; he’s burning shit to the ground. He lights the warehouse on fire. Fox News would say he was heartbroken, or mentally unwell.

Callie gets ambushed by a reporter at school who wants to know if Callie really had sex with Brandon. There have been six mid-season or season-ending finales for this show. All of them involve some kind of Brallie fuckery. Wake me up when the nightmare is over.

Brandon is taking Cortney to her brand new home! He gave the landlord first and last to hold the place and all Cortney has to do is sign the lease and she has a place to live. Oh, your moms are going to be so pissed, Brandon.

Fosters 32014

Good news! The school board believes Monte and she can have her job back. Bad news! They want to talk to Lena about that whole letting a sex offender work on a school play thing.

In the school hallway, Jude marches up to Taylor and smooches on the mouth. Dude, she might not appreciate the PDA. Brandon thanks Mat for not tanking the play by getting back together with his sister. Wasn’t just about R+J, you dimwit! They are dating other people! Mariana asks Jesus if he has seen Nick but he hasn’t seen him since the night before when he was looking for Mariana. Oh lord. What a mess.

Foster 32015SonnofaBrallie!

In Lena’s office, Callie is in tears and Stef is ranting about fighting Justina and taking her to court for libel. Lena notices Callie’s face and says Stef should maybe tone it down to like an 11. Callie tells them they can’t fight it because it’s true.

Nick rolls up to school in his muscle car. He flips open the glove compartment to reveal a gun. Here’s hoping they don’t go where I think they are going with this.

That’s it for The Fosters Season 3. See you back here in the summer for Season 4. Until then, let’s chat in the comments, okay?

Here are a few of our favorite #GaydyBunch tweets from last night’s finale.

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