“The Fosters” recap (3.20): Secrets, secrets hurt someone


Justina tells Callie she has never heard of Arbiter. The foster reform bill will solve all of their problems. Also, don’t talk about Jack it’s such a downer, you know? Let’s celebrate screwing over kids for corporate profit. Jesus, does this lady work for the NRA or what? not to worry, Daphne is on it. She finds a letter in the mail to Justina from Arbiter. Pants on fire, Justina!

Fosters 32010 SAME

In the event, Justina wants to take pictures with Callie and politicians. Jude is having weird flirty time with Taylor, Brandon is educating Mariana on all the ways she’s a terrible person, and Stef is taking a dip in a vat of wine. I’m with you, Stefanie. Mike tells Brandon that maybe dating Cortney is taking on a lot of baggage. Big boy Brandon says he’s a grown-up now, and he can stand up to his mom. Guys, I know I bag on Brandon all the time, but honestly, it’s like they want to make him the worst. He’s a doucheturd, and I can’t help hating him.

Anyway, Agent Daphne has a message for Callie’s eyes only. It’s proof that Justina is getting paid by Arbiter. Well done, Agent. If Callie confronts Justina, Daphne will lose her job and maybe Tasha. Daphne says it’s okay; she will find another job. Petition for Stef and Lena to trade Daphne for Brandon.

Justina introduces Callie and calls Callie her friend. Ick. Adults, stop being gross! Callie gets up to the podium and calls Justina a Death Eater. When Callie leaves the stage Justina grabs her by the arm and tells her she’ll be sorry. In an instant, Stef is there saying “Not my daughter, you bitch.”

Fosters 32011Don’t tell anyone but your mom killed Justina.

Back at home, Brandon comforts Callie (because of course). Lena comes in and tells Callie that it took a lot of courage to give that speech, and she’s proud of Callie. Downstairs, Mike, AJ, and Ana show up to the party. Mike tells Stef he and Ana are dating and it’s none of her goddamn business. Taking advice from Brandon? Come on, Mike.

Nick’s dad is inspecting the warehouse and telling his son that he’s a total loser who will never amount to anything. Nick tries to convince his old man that he’s not worthless by telling him he is going to make something of himself. He’s gonna be an entrepreneur. I’m a trust fund baby; you can trust me.

Brandon and Cortney make out on the back deck while Callie fields harassing phone calls from reporters. Typical. Stef asks Callie if there is something going on with Jude and Taylor. In the midst of it all, Jesus shovels food into his mouth. When Nick show up he sees Mat and Mariana kiss. Seriously, if the Adams Fosters ever invite you over for dinner, just say no. Make up an excuse if you have to but do not go. It’s nothing but drama.

Foters 32012 You’ve done nothing to earn our trust but here’s a bunch of cash anyway.

The moms have a present for Brandon; it’s a ticket to New York for his Juilliard audition. Let’s hope he makes it and never comes back. They are also handing over his settlement money. Sure, let’s give this moron 7,500 dollars.

Gabe shows up to talk to Stef. Why did she tell his probation officer he was helping out with a school play? She didn’t. Jesus did. Oh boy. Now Gabe is probably going back to prison for violating his probation. Nice work, Jesus!

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