“The Fosters” recap (3.20): Secrets, secrets hurt someone


Fosters 3203Lena got her tongue pierced.

Stef wants Mike to tell Brandon that Cortney is a bad idea. He thinks he could write a dissertation on making bad choices with women, and he should share some of that wisdom with their idiot son. Mike is offended which is fair, but it’s not like Stef is saying anything that isn’t true. Her parting shot is that they had to get a restraining order against Brandon so he would stay away from Callie. The kid is a varsity dumbass. After Stef leaves, Ana appears from Mike’s bedroom (no sign of AJ, who is supposed to be living there but maybe he’s out of town).

Fosters 3204Does my collar cover the hickey?

Stef and Lena are getting ready for the day after a quickie in the shower (look, if it’s not going to be onscreen I can at least imagine it). Lena is going to have to meet Stef at Callie’s Fost and Found launch party because she has a delightful task of going in front of the Board of Education to talk about how Sally and Monte maybe kissed or whatever.

Fosters 3205 Last week we weren’t even onscreen at the same time, this week a kiss!

Jesus wants to know what is going on with Gabe and if there is anything they can do because it’s not fair for Gabe to go back to jail for helping them. Stef assures him that they will talk to the judge if necessary. She sends him off to school and then gets an email telling her how Jack ended up in the same house as Callie and Jude.

Steve Sanders assures Mariana he can convince his dad to let them use the warehouse. She’s going to get discovered, baby! To add to the over-the-top guilt, he gives her a necklace with a diamond “M” on it. Hey, J.Lo, what happened to “My love don’t cost a thing?”

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