“The Family” recap (1.5): Willa get a Kiss?


Clements is shocked that the Bad Man didn’t show at the Statue. He says he know he didn’t because they checked all the surveillance footage at the dock, which means someone on this show has not looked very far into the kind of time and manpower it takes to go through surveillance footage, let alone surveillance footage of crowds. Clements got a Meyer a keychain.

Nina arrives at Hank’s place and looks at all the broken stuff in his apartment with a new eye. He bitches about the glass everywhere, and she looks at a Delft blue tile of a mother and son. Hank says it reminds him of his mom and wants to know why Meyer is there. She says she’s worried about him, which he finds a switch. Also, he misses the part where she’s totally scrutinizing his wrecked furniture.

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Nina notes that Hank’s hands are blistered like he was using a baseball bat to break stuff. And also that someone smashed up all his furniture, including the table that the tile was on, and yet that tile is intact. He says the tile is sturdier than it seems.

She apologizes to Hank for everything, by which she means railroading him into jail and stuff, and then as she leaves she totally brushes the table with her jacket and the tile falls off and breaks. And thus, Hank is also busted.

A few days ago, John wakes up on the couch–he’s always doing that–and sees Hank in his yard. They have a verbal trespassing dustup and John throws Hank out and locks the gate, but does not beat him up with a Louisville Slugger. Hank sees the Warrens’ discarded bat lying in the yard and reaches way in and grabs it. (So why did Maybe-Adam disable the alarm?) Hank wrecks his own house, carefully moving the tile before he trashes the table. I feel like we’re way ahead of this, and the show is worried that the stupider folks in the audience won’t be able to catch up. Maybe it’s just the perception advantage conferred by watching TV for subtext most of your life.

Just in case, people couldn’t figure out the second part, we see Hank bash his own face in.

Ten years ago, Willa, obviously waiting up, sees John come home from Nina’s place (what is his job at this point?), and he tells her he slept at a hotel. The second John goes away, she grabs his phone and sees a text from Meyer: “We screwed up. It can’t happen again.” That text still works without the preposition. Willa erases the text before Claire can see it, and thus a lifelong pattern of cleaning up is solidified.

The thousands of reporters who live in Red Pineshow many get sent to cover those Little League games? Like 30?want to know about charges against John now being dropped, and now John is machoing around and enjoying the #PapaBear thing. Probably fun for him, and they all know it ain’t bad for the wife’s campaign.

Back at his mansion, Governor Lang wants to focus on the issues, but dozens and dozens of other reporters don’t want to hear it. They’re all about Claire. I have a lot to learn about Maine’s entirely reporting-based economy. With so much competition, how does Bad Reporter keep finding work? Or do newspapers in TV stations think you just have to hire every reporter who shows up? That would explain a lot.

Willa meets Bad Reporter in a bar–NOT EVEN THE AFOREMENTIONED LESBIAN BAR, JESUS CHRIST–and pointedly won’t thank her for the #PapaBear thing though she does say Bad Reporter could maybe find a spot on Claire’s campaign. Because that’s not 17 bad ideas in a row.

Bad Reporter smugly says it must be exhausting being Willa because Willa is white-knuckling her purse. She says that if Willa dropped her perfect, clean purse onto that dirty bar floor, she’d throw it away and never use it again. Willa says Bad Reporter knows nothing about her. Bad Reporter says she knows who Willa is and kisses her right there in the straight bar while two poor male extras try to figure out how much to react.

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They hold that single kiss for a long time. Repressed Willa doesn’t struggle and does drop her purse. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy this moment. I know Willa wants Bad Reporter, but she’s also repressed as hell and has had her guard up and been keeping everything OK and perfect since she was 13 years old. She doesn’t flinch or take a step back or shove Bad Reporter away or stop the kiss and then give in and re-start it or anything. She just lets Bad Reporter kiss her and drops her purse. Bad Reporter finishes kissing Willa and hands her purse back. Willa stares at Bad Reporter and then walks away. Well, Bad Reporter, you either just completely blew or totally nailed down that campaign staffer job.


bike trails

The police station now has a pile of postcards from all over the country. Clements and Meyer figure out that Craggy Doug asked a bunch of traveling strangers to mail postcards for him as a “game for his son.” Clements says Craggy Doug is obsessed with scaring Maybe-Adam or making him jealous. Meyer says Craggy Doug is lonely for him.

Craggy Doug goes to his secret shed basement and turns on the light, and it’s an empty cement-block bunker. He puts a lonely stuffed dolphin in it.

Meyer arrives at the Warren house and says she knows how to get the Bad Man. She wants to use Maybe-Adam as bait.

Back at the Tribune, Bad Reporter announces that the paternity test is back. Maybe-Adam is now officially Not-Adam.

Well, that last revelation certainly suggests that a lot of hell is poised to break loose. Let’s hope that Willa will be breaking loose in this fabled lesbian bar as well.

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