“Rosewood” recap (1.14): Family


Later that night at dinner, TMI and her mom are settled in, sipping wine in front of a fire, in what looks like a very comfortable and relaxing environment. Mrs. Izikoff tells TMI she is glowing and that “all that matters to her is that TMI is happy.” COULD HAVE FOOLED ME, LADY. Anyways, Mrs. Izikoff reaches out and hands TMI an envelope, which at this point I was thinking this is it, she is giving her money for her wedding and telling her she supports her marriage to Pippy! Sadly, she is giving money to TMI for her to travel the world and leave her job (oh, her mom hates her job, too. Is there anything she DOES love about her daughter?) and leave Pippy. TMI explains that Pippy and the Rosewoods are her family now, but her mom says no, she is an Izikoff and “We are your family.”


After dinner Pippy walks into the lab with Cassie, they are laughing and having a great time but find TMI sitting down staring into space, clearly upset about her dinner with her mother. TMI is short with Pippy, wondering why she hasn’t answered any of her phone calls in the last hour. Cassie picks up on that (thankfully!) and says goodnight so they can have some time alone. 


Once Cassie is gone Pippy asks TMI what happened at dinner but TMI is now upset over the fact that Pippy canceled dinner with TMI to hang out with Cassie and doesn’t understand why Pippy thinks that is okay. YIKES. Things were intense in this scene and I’m with TMI on this one!

The next day Pippy approaches TMI and says she realizes they have been having some communication issues lately (uh ya think? TMI didn’t know Pippy was accepted to Julliard and also homeless, this is an issue!) so instead of talking, she wants to read something to TMI. Pippy starts reading a journal entry of the day Pippy met TMI, saying TMI is the one she has dreamt about and prayed for all these years. She tells her that no one, is going to keep her from marrying the woman of her dreams.


This scene is one of the only times in the series that I actually felt like TMI and Pippy were in love. It was sweet, sincere and real. It’s easy to have a lesbian couple as characters, but it is not easy portraying their relationship as realistic and meaningful and this scene nailed it. Hopefully we’ll see more of this in the weeks to come!

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