Where will “Guiding Light”‘s cancellation leave Otalia?


After 57 years of airing its characters dirty, dirty laundry, soap opera Guiding Light has been canceled. This news comes at an odd time, however, as the popularity of the show’s latest couple has seemed to make it more talked about than usual.

The show’s first ever lesbian couple, Natalia and Olivia (referred to lovingly by fans as Otalia), have progressed in a relationship that has managed to be un-offensive and un-stereotypical. (Neither of them are looking for a sperm donor, to my knowledge.) It started simply with a kiss, and appears to be leading up to a full-fledged partnership.

Guiding Light will remain on air until next September, so there’s still plenty of time for the Otalia relationship to unfold. As Crystal Chappell (Olivia) told us back in March, she hopes that Natalia and Olivia will be “all the things a good soap relationship should be.”

Crystal Chappell (left) and Jessica Leccia

“I am looking forward to seeing how this relationship plays out,” she said, “because it is very real, very deep, connected and even passionate.”

Jessica Lecia (Natalia) said, “I’d like for Natalia to make some firm decisions on what truly makes her happy and to go for it, whatever that may be.”

Their characters have a few months to figure it out. And if some of the rumors prove true, they could possibly move to As the World Turns along with some other castmates. Still, it might be better for them to end on a high note then continue on in true soap fashion where they break-up, marry each other’s mothers and have a child that grows into a teen overnight.

What do you see in Otalia’s future?

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