“Once Upon A Time” SnapCap (5.14): The River of Lost Character Development


SwanQueen Screen Time: 0

The two were separated for most of the episode, and whenever they were together, literally everyone else was there, too.

SwanQueen Sound Bytes: 2

They sort of talked directly to each other during the heart splitting scene, and Regina couldn’t take her eyes of Emma’s chest after she said, “Do it.”

OUAT 514-6“Just…uh…making sure I remember where the heart is!”

And at the end, Emma asks what their gravestones mean and Regina answers, saying it means they’re stuck in hell.

OUAT 514-7And therefore, so are we.

Dumbest thing one of the Two Idiots did:

I feel like it was dumb for Snow to go with Regina, but I guess it’s a sign that they’ve moved on and are real friends now? Other than that, the Two idiots weren’t in the episode much, which is probably for the best.

Special Guests

We got to see Belle’s face, which was nice.

OUAT 514-8You’re better off this way, I promise.

Milah was there, as mentioned.

And Cruella, of course.

OUAT 514-9Who I like, despite the joke about Bambi’s mother.

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