“Once Upon A Time” SnapCap (5.14): The River of Lost Character Development


Let’s check on Regina: She goes to the diner looking for the blind witch but finds Cruella instead. She teases Regina for not being able to figure out her magic yet, saying magic is different down here.

OUAT 514-3“Call me ‘darling’ again. I dare you.”

Regina has questions about the graveyard in Underbrooke (which…I’m not going to help them make Underbrooke happen, sorry) and Cruella has the answers since she’s the new mayor.

The graveyard works like this: Normal headstone means they’re wandering around the Underworld, tipped over headstone means they’ve moved on to a better place, cracked headstone means they’re doomed for all eternity.

Milah, Emma, and Gold go to Hades’ lair, and Milah is going to leave, but then Emma tells her that Baelfire is in a better place, so she decides to help Emma out. Gold laughs and says Killian won’t choose Milah over Emma, but Milah snaps that not all decisions women make are about men. She just wants to counteract some of her former selfishness by helping Emma. So they grab the Boat of Convenience and go across the River of Lost Souls. When they reach the shore, only Emma will be going forward, while Rumple stays in the boat and Milah stays to make sure he doesn’t steal the boat.

Emma walks a beam toward Hook to save him and does. It’s very anticlimactic.

Regina goes to find Daniel’s grave and finds it tipped over, meaning he’s in a better place. So she says her goodbyes.

OUAT 514-4I do like it when she’s smiling.

On her way back to the diner, Regina sees an injured horse and her impulse to heal it brings her magic back. She instantly makes a fireball to prove it, which delights her greatly.

Flashback Rumple goes to kill the healer but can’t bring himself to do it, so instead makes his very first deal. When he proudly returns to Milah, he reveals that his deal was that he promised the healer their second born son. Which is perfect, since they don’t have one! But Milah points out that he made a decision about her body like some kind of politician from the 21st century and is rightfully pissed.

And in the present-day Underworld, as part of a deal with Hades, Rumple burns the boat and pushes Milah into the River of Lost Souls. Making a final decision about her body for her.

At the diner, everyone is reunited, and no one knows it was Rumple and not Hades that burned their boat and double-killed Milah. Regina’s ready to do the heart-split, so Regina tries to grab Emma’s chest. But alas, it doesn’t work.  

OUAT 514-5“They’re never going to let SwanQueen happen, are they?”

They go to the graveyard and see that Hades chose the three names for Hook, and of course, it’s the only three women on Team Storybrooke. So they’re stuck.

When Rumple goes to collect on his deal with Hades, the healer he eventually did kill to get out of his deal is there, and is ready to take Belle’s unborn child, because Rumple’s decision didn’t only affect Milah’s body, but Belle’s too.

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