“Black Sails” recap (3.09): On the Eve of Battle


Eleanor promises that no one is taking this decision lightly and that it was a hard choice but the right one. She speaks as if Rogers had any say in it at all, but I think Max knows the truth.

Black Sails 309-12She can’t even look at Max when she lies to her.

Vane meets with a priest who warns him of what it might be like being lead to your death, but Vane doesn’t want absolution. He lived his life as he pleased, he’s good with his God. He doesn’t want to be saved. He’s taken to the gallows, people shouting and throwing food all the while, and Billy starts to plan a ruckus to try to save Vane. But when Vane sees him mucking about, Vane gives Billy a short little shake of his head. He doesn’t want to be saved.

Vane uses his last words to speak to the people, that he represents their rebellious spirit, the spirit that Rogers is trying to stamp out. He reminds them that there are more of them than there are redcoats. His final words, though, in true Vane style, are to the executioner: “Get on with it, motherfucker.”

As the executioners get ready, Max watches Eleanor closely, knowing that a thousand emotions must be coursing through her.

Black Sails 309-13And knowing that stormy seas await them both.

Then Vane swings. Billy sends men to pull him down to stop his suffering, and then he’s dead. Really truly dead.

Eleanor looks at him, faces her decision head on.

Black Sails 309-14“Bravery is not the absence of fear but the forging ahead despite being afraid.”

Billy says that this is the start of the Resistance. The men who were blindly trusting Rogers are second guessing everything now.

On Maroon Island, a goat is sacrificed at Mr. Scott’s funeral, bringing the body count up to three in this episode. Mustachio Jack tells Flint that he knows he’s going to give a ship to someone else in the upcoming battle, but maybe he should give it to him. Vane might be gone, but Captain Jack Rackham is surely the next best thing.

Meanwhile on Nassau, the Commodore is giving Eleanor a hard time about decisions she’s making, but she puts her foot down; she knows Flint, and she knows they have to do the unexpected if they can even hope to win this war.

Black Sails 309-15“Just stay alive, that would be enough.”

Across the sea on another beach, a man wades out of the water and says that Vane was hanged in the square as a message from the governor that he’s determined to end piracy. And who is he telling? Blackbeard. One game piece that Eleanor is not counting on.

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