“Black Sails” recap (3.09): On the Eve of Battle


But Max does want to talk to Eleanor, so she calls her, and Eleanor comes in a hurry.

Black Sails 309-7Side by side, as it should always be.

You see, Billy has hired a local storyteller to gather some men around the beach, and the number has grown rapidly in the short time between when Max sent for Eleanor and when she arrived. The man is preaching against Eleanor, saying she’s here to return to her perceived tyranny, and that Vane should be tried here in Nassau, out in the open. Eleanor asks if Max can help, but Max only sees two ways out of this; use force and run everything, or give in and hold the trial here.  

Black Sails 309-8“Or just make out with me right now and worry about it later.”

Eleanor doesn’t love either plan and knows the timing of this is too convenient to be coincidence. Eleanor says she’ll take this to the governor, but Max warns her; anything that happens to Vane can’t be seen as something Eleanor decided. Note that she didn’t say it couldn’t be what she decided, just that it couldn’t appear that way. Eleanor says anything that happens will be the governor’s decision.

Black Sails 309-9“I hope your corset is bulletproof, dear one.”

Eleanor goes to Rogers’ room and tells his sleeping figure that she never cared what anyone thought of her, but she wants him to understand her, so she hopes that when he wakes up, he won’t hate her too much for what she’s about to do.

And it’s funny, because I do still think she is using him, but I do also believe her when she says she wants him to understand her, and that she cares what he thinks. Not because she loves him, I’m not sure she does, but because she wants to be in charge, and he’s good at being in charge.

On Maroon Island, a horn sounds and the village mourns. Their king is dead.

Featherstone rides like the wind to find Billy and say the people got what they wanted, and Vane was given a trial, but instead of taking days or weeks, it took hours, and it already happened in the middle of the night. His hanging is set for this very day.

Eleanor is watching the gallows be built, and Max comes to be at her side.

Black Sails 309-10I SAY AGAIN: AS IT SHOULD BE.

Max warns Eleanor that this could be seen as a breach of the predictable law and order Rogers promised and that chaos could break out if she goes through with this.

What Max says next I’m going to quote directly, because it set my shipper heart a-sailing.

“I am your friend. And I will help you weather whatever challenges may lie down whatever road you may choose. But as your friend, I am simply asking you to consider how treacherous this road might be while there is still time to avoid it.”

Black Sails 309-11I hope YOUR corset is bulletproof too, Max!

Max will always be Eleanor’s harbor, even in the worst of storms, but maybe this time we batten down the hatches first?

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