“Black Sails” recap (3.09): On the Eve of Battle


Rogers knows exactly what it’s from and asks if it’s out of her system now. She tells him that she’ll never be able to fully let go of all of it. You can just shed that kind of pain like a snake sheds its skin. But she’s willing to move forward now in spite of it.

Meanwhile, Flint’s ship is still being chased by Hornigold’s. He calls for some fancy maneuvering and ends up anchored broadside to Hornigold’s approaching vessel. Hornigold is ready to approach them from the beach, but then he sees hundreds of Marooners he wasn’t anticipating.

Idelle and Featherstone go to see Billy and warn him that the tone in town is different now and that he might have a harder time getting anything done. But Billy wants Vane rescued, so his plan is to get the people to demand a trial on the island to prevent Vane from being shipped off and to buy them some time to come up with a plan. Idelle wants to know how the hell he plans on pulling that off.

Black Sails 309-4“I thought only women could get stuff done around here?”

Billy says his plan is to make people care again.

Eleanor is tending to Rogers when Shady McHandmaiden comes in. Eleanor tells her that the room is officially to be considered sealed, and only Eleanor and the doctor are allowed in from now on. The handmaiden asks if Rogers was on board, and Eleanor says he can’t be because he’s delirious with fever; last time he woke up, he was calling Eleanor by his wife’s name.

On Maroon Island, Flint unloads his ship, and Princess Madi goes to see her father. She tells him that Eleanor is there and in a position of influence, at the governor’s side. That she’s one of them now. Seeing that made her realize; he is two people. He is the king of the island; he is Mr. Scott. He has a daughter on either side of this war. But he uses all of his remaining energy to assure her that SHE is his only daughter.

On Nassau, Mrs. Mapleton goes to see Max to say that she found the leak in the tavern, and it’s Idelle. Max looks surprised.

Black Sails 309-5She also looks so good in that chair.

When Mapleton says she hasn’t said anything to anyone yet, Max asks why she didn’t go right to Eleanor with this update; she would have sent Max to do it when their roles were reversed. But Mapleton says Eleanor used to use that bloody chair to make as many enemies as she destroyed and that she’s heading on that same path now. Max understands what’s happening; if only one of the women will rise, Mapleton believes it to be Max, so that’s the horse she’s backing.

She asks Mapleton to only have trustworthy girls servicing the soldiers from now on. Mapleton asks if Max will tell Eleanor herself, but Max is undecided.

Black Sails 309-6She’s still learning to trust Eleanor again.

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