“The L Word, the Musical” Feature Film Dances Into Theaters Next Year


Along with other Betty band members, Amy Ziff and Alyson Palmer, Ziff has already composed many of the songs for the film.

Completed tunes include:

  • a Bette and Tina duet titled, “Half Ebony and Ivory”;
  • the ballad “I’m Only Hungry for You – Shane’s Song”
  • a solo written exclusively for Daniela Sea called “What Did I Do to Deserve This?”
  • Jenny Schecter’s “I Got Crazy in My Pants,” including five reprises
  • a duet with Peggy and Helena Peabody, “You Say Potato”
  • the ensemble showstopper, “L if I Know”
  • an expanded, sixteen-minute version of the TV show’s theme song featuring 52 more words that begin with the letter L

“The easiest song to write so far has been Kit’s dance number, ‘Babygirl!'” said Ziff, “because there’s only one line.”

When asked if fan favorites Sarah Shahi and Elizabeth Keener would also be returning, producers declined to comment, but instead, cited their desire to portray a wide spectrum of the LGBT community, “as long as the characters are physically attractive, thin, fashionable and have exciting, unique jobs.”

Toward that end, Jon Wolfe Nelson will return as Tom, a sign language interpreter and love interest for the show’s female-to-male transgender character, Max.

Other new characters written for the film include: Sandy, a man who gender-identifies as a female; Lee, a woman who gender-identifies as a man; Brenda, an unemployed stunt woman; and Michelle, a blond “bisexual” bombshell who makes a living as a perpetual reality show contestant.

In late breaking news, teen idol Zac Efron has just been added to the cast as a butch lesbian.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in August.

AfterEllen.com has acquired this exclusive promotional photo of the film:



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