“The Fosters” (3.18) recap “Can you feel me now?”


Fosters 31811Rindy

Callie takes pictures of Daphne and Tasha at their supervised visit. Daphne is heartbroken just thinking about losing Tasha. Callie tells her about the job at Justina’s company. It will pay enough to take care of Daphne and Tasha.

Callie and Cortney walk out of one of Brandon’s nightmares and into the warehouse. Callie is going to take cast photos and Cortney is there to paint. Callie notices a Baby Superstore tag on Cortney’s keychain which can only mean one thing –#CallieKnows.

Jesus is being surly with Gabe because of what he said the day before. Gabe doesn’t peak teenager, so it takes him a minute to figure it out. He apologizes and asks that maybe next time he screw up if Jesus can just tell him instead of making him play the guessing game.  Stef shows up to take Jesus home. Gabe is going to come back when all the minors are gone to keep working. Jesus thanks Stef for doing all of this for him. Such a closet softie, that Stefanie Marie Adams Foster. A big smushy marshmallow inside all that tough cookie shell.

Mariana and Mat rehearse their song again and end up making out with each other’s faces at the end. Brandon seems to be oblivious to the real sparks happening and thinks it’s all show: “Let’s rehearse it again!” he says. Oh, Brandon.

Fosters 31812

Lena’s in the kitchen, washing dishes when Stef walks in and starts talking to her. Nah, nothing happened today. Nothing new to report. When Lena finally looks up, she catches sight of Stef’s new haircut. Damn; she looks good.

Fosters 31813

Lena loves it. She can’t stop touching Stef’s hair and telling her how sexy she looks. Stef has always wanted to cut her hair, but she was so afraid people would think she was a dyke that she kept it long. She realized that boobs and long hair aren’t what make her a woman and if people can’t get past the short hair that’s their problem. She’s going to do this for herself. She’s going to look how she wants and fuck everyone else. Stef’s going to get the implants, though, because she sure loves having boobs. Speaking of fucking, Lena can’t keep her hands to herself. They run upstairs like a couple of teenagers.   

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