“The Fosters” (3.18) recap “Can you feel me now?”


Callie and Rita broke up so she can’t interview Rita for her senior project. Apparently, Justina is the next best thing, so Callie asks her some questions. Turns out Justina’s best friend growing up was a foster kid. Little Lizzie was doing great until she was placed with her birth mom. Her birth mom couldn’t handle it, and Lizzie went back into the system. Those bastards wouldn’t even let Lizzie take her doll with her, the doll Justina gave her! This is Justina’s foster care advocate origin story. Callie wants to know if maybe Justina has a job for Daphne. Turns out Justina is totally okay with using Callie’s story to advance her nefarious purposes but she doesn’t have a job for Daphne.

Stef chaperones Gabe at the warehouse where he can help Jesus build sets that will actually hold up. Cortney stopped by to say hi to Brandon and gets to meet Stef as a bonus. Brandon is a terrible liar but tries to convince Stef that he and Cortney are just work buddies. Too bad Stef sees them making out in the parking lot. Don’t lie to your mom, dude.

Gabe is trying to salvage the pitiful set Jesus made while telling the story about how Ana getting pregnant basically ruined his life. He wanted her to have an abortion and laments that his being with her destroyed his life. Ouch, dude. Stef swoops in to take Jesus home, and Gabe sticks around to finish up.

Fosters 3185 I wish you were a puppy.

The moms are waiting for Brandon when he waltzes through the door in his Mr. Rogers sweater. They want to know if he’s dating Cortney and if they are having sex. He is indignant! How dare they! They dare because they are your moms, bucko. Also statutory rape is the thing, and maybe he should wait until he’s 18 to have sex with his older girlfriend. He storms off in a cloud of self-righteous teenager shouting. What a special little snowflake he is.

Mariana is talking to Callie about her boy problems, but Callie isn’t really paying attention. She is using Fost and Found to find Jude. Kidding, but where the fuck is that kid? She is trying to find Lizzie for Justina. Oh, Callie, your heart is so big. Instead, she finds Justina telling Lizzie’s story as if it is her own. When confronted with this, Justina admits that she didn’t get people’s attention when she told the truth, so she borrowed Lizzie’s story and told it as her own. Just like she’s using Callie’s to advance her own agenda. People use each other, she says. Callie is using her now to get Daphne a job. It’s all very icky, but I guess the good news is that Daphne has a job.

Fosters 3186 I’ve looked everywhere, and I can’t find Jude.

Lena wants to talk about boobs. Stef needs to know there are options out there, and support groups and she should go and be supported and talk about her feelings. Oh Lena, you beautiful, misguided woman. Stef doesn’t want to talk to people. She hates people. Lena doesn’t know how Stef feels or what she’s going through like these women do. How do you handle it when you can’t help the person you love most in the world? If you’re Lena, you call in people who can.

Brandon tells Mariana that he had sex with someone, and it was wrong. You have to put it behind you and move on. Callie thinks he’s talking about her. He’s not, he’s talking about Dani. When Callie talks to him about it, he blames himself. She understands the shame of it. She blamed herself for Liam, too. It kept her from having sex with Wyatt because it still felt so shameful to her. She doesn’t regret having sex with Brandon because it didn’t feel like that; she felt safe and cared for instead of afraid and ashamed. Even if it was wrong for them to have slept together, she doesn’t regret it for how it helped her heal.

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