“The 100” recap (3.08): On Raven’s Wings


Monty goes to his mom for some advice because with Sinclair locked up and their own people turning on each other, he’s starting to wonder whose side he should be on. But Mama Monty tells him that they have to do what it takes to survive.

Sinclair gets thrown in to the brink with Lincoln and his fellow Trikru and Sinclair is happy to see him. This was actually kind of part of the plan, and Sinclair tells Lincoln that tonight is a go.

Kane confronts Bellamy, they both are trying to convince the other to do the right thing, but they both also believe that they ARE doing the right thing. So they’re at an impasse. I think this same scene happens four different times between various people throughout the episode.

Miller and his boyfriend have a bit of a tiff, Miller saying he feels a little uncomfortable with some of Pike’s actions, but his boyfriend blindly trusts whoever wears the Chancellor pin. They kiss, which is cute, but when I tried to take a screenshot it failed miserably because the kiss is a liiiittle awkward. At least in freeze-frame mode.

Jasper and Raven are rifling through a room looking for something for Alie and Jasper asks what it’s like to forget all the pain of losing Finn and only having the good stuff left. The problem is, she doesn’t even remember the good stuff. He asks about her first kiss and she short-circuits.

The 100 308-5Raven, he’s probably not worth remembering.

Alie tries to distract her but not being able to remember Finn has started to ground Raven back to reality and she tells Jasper to run for it. (Even though Alie is in her head. So. Good luck with that.)

In the brig, Sinclair pretends to negotiate with Bellamy, so Lincoln pretends to lash out, and as soon as the door is opened to restrain him, everyone rushes the door and they all break free. Fighting breaks out, and Kane ends up resorting back to Harper’s original plan and zaps Pike and shoves him in a rover to take to Polis.

But Bellamy jumps in front of the truck, and no amount of begging will get him to move, and Kane can’t run over a kid, so Kane is arrested.

Alie is confused as to how/why Raven fought against her hold, because that’s never happened before, but Raven is a special fucking unicorn. Alie says she can’t fight against free will and consent, it’s not how she was designed.

The 100 308-6Because Becca had a damn SOUL.

But Jaha says he might be able to. Which is the grossest thing and Jaha needs to be stopped. STAT.

Kane tries to reason with Pike, but Pike is so far past reasoning. Reasoning is a dot to him. Instead, he sentences Kane to death.

And for some reason THIS is the thing that crosses a line for Bellamy. Not the 300 peacekeeping warriors he help slay in the night, not the village of non-warriors he tried to slaughter, not going against his sister. But sentencing Kane to death. Okay.

Raven tries to sort out her thoughts about Finn, Jasper tries to decide if forgetting the pain of Maya is worth forgetting her entirely, the others from the original hundred are torn about which side they should be on.

What did you think of “Terms & Conditions”? Did you appreciate the break from Polis to give us more time to grieve and mourn? Because I would have rather been with Clarke right now. (Always, but especially right now.) Despite the lack of Clarke in the preview, J.Roth tweeted that there will be Polis in the next episode, so hopefully that story is done well. And only makes us cry a little.


Most of us who tweeted chose to use #LadyKru but not #The100 so help contrast the activity from last week, and your sass game was on point. Here are some of our favorite tweets from this week:

And my personal favorite turn of events:

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