“The 100” recap (3.08): On Raven’s Wings


Raven and Jaha are having a meeting and he wants more accurate data but she needs more resources. They need more recruits for the City of Light, but Abby shut them down. Who would ever be desperate enough to help them without being brainwashed? They turn to see Jasper desperately begging for booze at the bar despite the new ration put in place and they smile at each other and move their chess pieces because this episode was a lot of things but subtle wasn’t one of them.


Raven uses her flirty face to try to get Jasper to help her and Jaha get the City of Light wafer maker out of lockup. Raven just has to help her crack Monty’s password, which shouldn’t be too hard because they’re best friends. He says it sounds like a terrible plan but of course he’s in. Raven’s pumped.

The 100 308-3I’d probably follow that smile into the City of Light, tbh.

In his war room, Pike leans towards the bug he found in his office and shouts his plans and E.NUN.CI.ATES. every syllable. He went off about bombs in a rover and that they move at dawn, and Kane drank it up like chocolate milk.

Kane and his band of misfits rushes to stop the bombs, but Bellamy busts Sinclair in the trap and arrests him for treason.

Raven talks to Alie while getting clues about Monty from Jasper but she doesn’t have time to explain how she’s running probabilities and password options in her head. Eventually they get to the heart of it: The password is a variation of “Earth.”

The 100 308-4“Ah, should have known it would be bland.”

Jasper wants a chip so he can have superpowers and see Raven’s imaginary friend.

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