“The 100” recap (3.08): On Raven’s Wings


Previously on The 100, Kane and Octavia teamed up to learn about what Pike was up to and warned a nearby village of Trikru about an impending attack, Alie and Jaha recruited Raven to the City of Light so she could help them find the second AI that we now know is also known as the Spirit of the Commander, and Jasper drank his manpain away because there was nothing left for him to do, plot-wise.

So, since Octavia and Indra have the only walkie outside Arkadia and they were already on their way out of Polis when Lexa died, no one besides the people inside Lexa’s tower know that the Commander is dead. Not even the blockade Grounders.

The Arkadians do know about the blockade, though, because one of their recon teams is gone. Two grounders approach the gate and send them a message: Hand Pike over and there will be no fighting. They confirm the presence of the blockade, and drop bloody armor at their feet to show them that there’s also a kill order. Bellamy knows what this means and he’s stressed about it, but Pike tells him to stand down. Pike. An actual monster. Told Bellamy to calm down. And instead, Bellamy literally shoots the messengers.

And I mean I already didn’t think he was redeemable. He’s part of the reason Lexa’s dead. If he hadn’t joined forces with Pike, and if Pike & Co hadn’t attacked the Trikru sent to protect Arkadia, Lexa would have had more time to show that Trikru and Skaikru can live in peace. Titus wouldn’t have felt so desperate to prove to her they couldn’t, he wouldn’t have ever picked up that gun.

But this? This isn’t even just Bellamy needing guidance and finding it in Pike. He’s gone off the deep end.

Anyway, Pike knows that they have a leak in their camp and wants to spy on their people to figure out who’s spying on them.

And sure enough, Kane and his crew are listening in. They have to switch up their game plan now, but Harper asks why they don’t just zap Pike with one of their lighting batons and give him to the Grounders.

The 100 308-1WE NEED WANHEDA.

Kane says it’s not who they are, but Miller says it might be who they need to be. But Kane still holds out hope that there’s another way.

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