“Rosewood” recap (1.12): Survivor


Back at the lab, TMI tells Pippy that her mom lies to people about her because she is disappointed in her, so maybe Donna is lying to herself about what happened back then.


Once Pippy has cooled down and her boo has talked some sense into her, she goes back to see her mom. Pippy tells Donna that Cassie used to make her chant “She will accept me because she loves me,” and even though it was annoying, it worked. Donna asks Pippy to forgive her for the way she initially reacted and treated her back then, and says she would like to meet this Cassie woman someday to thank her for taking care of Pippy. Pippy says she doesn’t know what happened to Cassie, but she was right; Donna is a good mom and it doesn’t matter how you start, it’s how you finish. As well all know, Donna Rosewood finished strong.


In the end, Captain Hornstock asks Pippy to go to lunch, which she finds odd, but is willing to go with him because I mean, who doesn’t want free lunch? When they arrive at the restaurant, Captain Hornstock tells Pippy that he heard how important Cassie was to Pippy and she doesn’t know what happened to her. Then he tells her Cassie owns the restaurant, and she is standing right behind her. GOOSEBUMPS! 


Cassie and Pippy are reunited again and now I am wondering if this is another thing she is going to keep from TMI. Or if Cassie was more than just a friend.

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