“Rosewood” recap (1.12): Survivor


Back at the lab, TMI is attempting to tell Pippy that she realizes that they don’t know EVERYTHING about each other but she wants to change that, so she wants to lay everything out on the table. TMI admits that one month ago, she hit a parked car and didn’t leave a note for a whole 30 minutes. I love that this is what TMI views as a wild and rebellious thing she has done. Also,  Pippy’s face during this “big reveal” was hilarious.


Pippy tells TMI she is heading back to her mom’s house to get some more of her things without saying goodbye to TMI. This is one of those instances where I have a hard time believing these characters are in a romantic relationship.  I love that this show has a lesbian couple, but I wish they would make them seem like they are ACTUALLY a couple and not just friends who call each other “Baby.”


When Pippy arrives at her mom’s, she tells Donna that although she is supportive now, she was not supportive when she came out, and it had an effect on her. Donna seems to be in denial about that time in their lives, telling Pippy she has done nothing but love her. Apparently she forgot about the times she told Pippy she “won’t allow this” and “How dare you do this to me!” Pippy storms off upset and Donna is left pondering what once was.


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