“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.19): “Bitch Can Drive”


Ali is asleep in the hospital when she is visited by the ghost of Jessica DiLaurentis. Hey girl hey! She assures Ali that everything will be fine, and Rollins will protect her. Oh, Ali. Don’t take love advice from a woman who had an affair with Peter Hastings!

li-101And just remember honey: never bury a body without making sure it’s dead!

li-102That’s swell advice, mom!

Meanwhile, Mona meets up with Sara Harvey, who is hiding in alleyways and dressing like a lesbian dreamboat. She tells Sara to leave the Liars alone, and Sara taunts her for never regaining the Liars’ trust. Then Sara walks away as if there was ANY POSSIBLE WAY that she would have the last word over Mona fucking Vanderwaal. God, I hope Mona runs her over with an SUV.

li-107Did someone leave the shower running? Bc it’s about to get steamy

li-104Your mere presence dries my vagina

Haleb gathers the Liars and Ezra and tells them that, no matter what, they’re going through with this plan. Caleb even tells them that it isn’t a democracy, which leads me to assume it’s a cheerocracy? They set the plan into motion, i.e. Hanna texts A that she’s the killer. We’re then treated to what is perhaps the wackiest montage PLL has ever done: the letters of her text break up into ones and zeroes and fly through the air and into the night, bouncing off satellites and cell towers, zooming through cords and wires, until it reaches A’s cell phone. And the whole thing is set to Blondie’s “Call Me.”

li-122Hey, did you guys ever wonder how texts work? WELL YOU’RE ABOUT TO FIND OUT BITCHES

A gets the text, and we see that their screensaver is Veronica Hastings for Senate. Cute.

Next week it’s the Season 6 finale, where we will (possibly) find out the identity of Charlotte’s killer and someone has a twin because they hashtagged #TwinOnPLL. Who has a twin?! Is it Charlotte? Ali? Aria? Tippi?!

Thanks as always to my #RecappingTwin Nicole aka @PLLBigA. Tweet me your twin theories @ChelseaProcrast.

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