“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.19): “Bitch Can Drive”


Spencer comes home to find Haleb waiting for her, where Hanna gives her a long confession about stalking Charlotte into the church, stabbing her with a candlestick, dragging her lifeless body up to the bell tower, and tossing her off. It’s a pretty convincing delivery if you ignore the fact that A) candlesticks aren’t knives and B) Hanna doesn’t have the upper body strength to drag Charlotte up a giant flight of stairs to the bell tower. But man, can she deliver! Spencer buys it until Hanna reveals that it’s a false confession to trick A. Spencer is like, what the actual fuck.

li-61I killed Charlotte in the dining room with a lead pipe.

li-62OMG are you Miss Scarlett?!

Haleb runs the plan by the rest of the Liars, and Emily is upset that Hanna is basically acting as bait. She turns to Spencer, who is all out of fucks and all into a glass of merlot as she watches the good ship Haleb hold hands and plan together like they did in the good old days. Emily is where she always is: once again hamstrung by hetero drama. Emily is so at the end of her rope that she calls Aria and tells her to come clean to Ezra and bring him into the fold. Like that will help anything. Oh, and they need Toby too. It’s a regular ex-boyfriend convention. Meanwhile, Paige sits by her phone in Palo Alto, grappling hook at the ready.

li-73Spencer, what do you think?

li-79I think this Costco wine is actually pretty good. Wait, what are we talking about?

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