“Pretty Little Liars” recap (6.19): “Bitch Can Drive”


Back in Rosewood, Spencer receives a video chat from Emily. Sadly, it’s the kind of chat we were all rooting for. Emily is spying on Mona and Sara Harvey’s driver, chatting it up on the one park bench in Rosewood that everyone can see. Spencer joins Emily, and they stake out the driver as he leaves city hall with a mysterious poster tube. What’s in the tube?! Is it a new pair of hands?! Is it another, slightly smaller tube?! The tube-shaped possibilities are endless!

li-38And a hetero hello to you, good sir!

Spencer and Emily fake a fender bender and go full on ditzy girl flirt mode to distract the driver and rifle through his tube. That sounds gross. But flirtatious Emily is irresistible, like a tractor beam of hotness, and Spencer is able to peep the contents of said tube: It’s Radley blueprints and a room key.

li-41I think we’re all ignoring the real crime here: Spencer’s choice of pants

Emily follows Driver to an ice cream truck, where he buys some ice cream and hands off the tube to Sara Harvey…who is driving a fucking car. She doesn’t even need a driver! Bitch can drive! I’m no hand doctor, but I’m pretty sure if the bitch can drive, the bitch can text. Also, I’m pretty sure this storyline would be a million times more interesting if they replaced Sara Harvey with Jenna. Or Melissa. Or literally anyone.

li-53I scream, you scream, we all scream for a better storyline

Hanna storms back into Rosewood and shows Caleb the emoji card of impending death. She’s had all she can stand, and she can’t stand no more: it’s time for an ill-conceived and extremely self-incriminating Hanna Marin plan! She tells Caleb that she wants to call A’s bluff and give them a killer.

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