“The Family” recap (1.1): Meet The Warrens


Maybe-Adam looks all fascinated at a ship in a bottle, just like he used to. Danny asks why Maybe-Adam didn’t run at least once in ten years when the Bad Man brought food or forgot to lock the door. Adam says he did run, the very first chance, which was yesterday.

And then Adam asks Danny how the ship gets in the bottle. YOU USED TO MAKE THOSE, BRO. LIKE ALL THE TIME. Danny knows something is off and brings it to Claire and Willa. Claire and Willa point out that Danny is a career drunk now and suggest that he put a sock in it re: family members who are back from the dead. Danny stands firm that something’s not right and Willa yells that they did a DNA test, for chrissakes. Claire calls Danny a drunk again and says it’s her fault for cleaning up after him, but nevertheless, he is a drunk, and he is confused. And then she cuts off all further dialogue. Hey, I bet that turns out to be a good idea!

Adam, on the stairs, heard every bit of that. (Also, we establish that he was nine when he disappeared–too old to have made that little-kid grammatical error earlier. Hmm.)

Meyer drives around steep wet mountain roads looking for a red dragon. And she finds one. She sees fires on the mountain in the sunset.

10 years ago, young Willa watches Hank leave to walk his dog, then sneaks into his house past his parakeet and napping mom. This is a dangerous game, Willa. She goes upstairs and starts rifling drawers. Hank comes back after an awfully short walk while Willa is still upstairs and we see her staring wide-eyed at a SHIP IN A BOTTLE IN HANK’S DRAWER.

…But Willa had a backpack on when she came in. Did she find the SOB, or did she plant it? No time to wonder! Hank’s dog is on the case, barking and rushing upstairs. Hank prowls through the house, knowing something is up. Willa makes it down a back stairway, through the house and out! She sprints across to home. How did she sell that to the police?

Present Meyer explains that the dragon is the sunset hitting the northern mountain range across a row of oil refineries spouting fire. They have a search area.

Claire looks through old photos. She admits she gave up on more than Adam. Claire tells John she won’t run for governor. A photographer catches a picture just as she and John hug it out. He’s annoyed because he thinks this was a planned press opportunity. Claire points out that John did his own checking out of their marriage by touring with his book for years. She says he wasn’t too lonely. Yeowch.

Hey, a bar! Bridey tries to get away from a dude who just won’t leave her alone by pretending that Danny, drinking alone, is her boyfriend. Which she does by kissing Danny full on the mouth.


Danny is delighted. She can’t believe he doesn’t recognize her. She says she’s Bridey Cruz from high school. Danny is embarrassed not to have placed her. (Hmm…) but she takes it in good form. She asks how Adam is, and Danny explains how guilty he feels about how he was supposed to be watching Adam and wasn’t. Bridey says “I remember. I was there,” and we get an overlay of flashback suggesting that she was Danny’s teen makeout that day.


Really? That detail is meant to have slipped his mind? We don’t think that her name was thrown at Danny once or twice over the intervening years? Harumph.

Bridey writes her number down on Danny’s napkin and hands it to him, then says that they all have scars. She leaves and we see her slipping a wad of cash to the guy who was supposedly bothering her earlier.

So we’re introduced to our queer female character as an opportunistic seductress, bringing us to an overall crankiness score of 7. Let’s hope this aspect of the show gets a little more interesting.

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