“The Family” recap (1.1): Meet The Warrens


Hank tries walking around out in the world and gets stared at by everyone as his face is all over the news. He eats a mall pizza in the middle of a widening circle of empty tables.

Meyer interviews Adam. He says sometimes the Bad Man wouldn’t close the door, and he could see outside through a window upstairs. Adam could see a red dragon. He says he watched it “while the man lied on top of me.” Which is super creepy phrasing, and also interesting–it seems like a grammar mistake of a kid younger than Adam was when he was abducted. So maybe something that’s calculated to both give authenticity and shake up his parents? Claire hates this–she doesn’t want to hear about her kid getting raped. Adam says the dragon would breathe fire right at him.

Meyer says she’s going to get that man. And her facial expression says that when she does, she is going to personally remove his liver.

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Ten years ago, John and Claire are arguing as Willa eavesdrops. John says Danny’s drunk and Willa is becoming a religious nut job, and it’s not the time for Claire’s campaign. Claire disagrees. She screams that Adam isn’t coming back. Meyer, the Awkward Arm of the Law, arrives in the middle of this and says the judge denied a search warrant because there’s no evidence of Hank Asher having anything to do Adam’s disappearance.

Back in the present, Danny snarks on how much food Adam is eating at breakfast and Willa asks Danny if he’ll make it to noon without drinking today. Ruh-row! Danny takes it out on the reporters camped out on their lawn, making a hand gesture through the blinds. Willa pushes Claire to come out as a mom and a mayor to handle the situation publicly, what with her going for the governorship and all. John had thought she maybe wouldn’t announce her candidacy, you know, since their murdered son just came back. Adam asks for more eggs. Danny points out that Adam used to hate eggs. Even just the smell made him sick, in fact. Um. No one has an answer for that.

Lady-loving character introduction! This is not a drill.

Hey! It’s a big-time newspaper office! The Red Pines Tribune. Apparently they have quite the budget! Reporters! Rushing around! The editor, Gus, charges through the room telling everyone to investigate every last thing about the Claire. Bridey Cruz (Hello, Floriana Lima!) rushes up and says she wants to be put on the Warren story. Gus says every major newspaper in the country is all over it, and she’s just a “lesbian lifestyle blogger.” You know, a specifically tasked lesbian lifestyle blogger. Like your big Maine newspapers all have. Gus says the mayor won’t talk to her. Bridey counters that the mayor won’t talk, but her son will. Uh-oh.


John Warren runs into Hank at the grocery store, which will be happening 18,000 more times since they live across the street from each other again. There’s just not going to be any getting around some uncomfortable barbecues. John tells Hank he’s sorry for what happened to him, and Hank says, “Your family happened to me.” And, lest you feel too sorry for Hank, he says he spent his time in jail wishing he had done it–taken their son and murdered him. “Don’t feel sorry for what happened to me,” says Hank, “I didn’t spend a minute feeling sorry for what happened to you.” Andrew McCarthy is doing a real fine job of being unsettling.

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