“The Family” recap (1.1): Meet The Warrens


Young officer Nina Meyer tells the family to pull it the hell together and stop sniping at each other or Adam is as good as dead. It’s effective. John is skeptical that a “little girl” like Nina can get anything done, but she is freaking all over this case. I might love her.

Back in the present, Meyer is a big detective now. The boy from the roadside asks for her by name (How?) at the police station. He points at the poster and says he’s the missing boy.

Claire Warren is now a mayor, and, oh, dear, heavily into “family values.” Reporters at her press conference wonder when she’s running for governor. Suddenly everyone’s phones light up. Someone leaked that Adam’s back.

John Warren is now an author with a clearly very famous book on grief. He seems to enjoy public speaking and working his audiences a bit. Police officers arrive with the news.

Yikes, the show’s first misfire: Danny is in his cheap hotel room, and two Slutty Bad Ladies are in there. See what Bad Ladies dress like?

Family Ep 1 Pic 2

Danny apparently does nothing but drink and lounge with Bad Ladies and “cash checks” for a living now. But they do watch the local news.

Claire and Willa rush into the hospital. Meyer already has teams out in the woods searching for the bastard that took Adam. Danny asks how they know it’s Adam, and Meyer says they ran a DNA test. You should maybe remember that DNA test.

She tells them that Adam was kept in shackles, and there are signs of other abuse. Claire almost can’t handle it, and Meyer tells her to take 30 seconds and then shut down that freakout because what’s important here is Adam being able to feel safe. I officially love her.

Family Ep 1 Pic 3

The boy in the hospital gown–Adam, we guess–watches cartoons. Claire goes in to connect and hugs him tightly as Meyer watches carefully. Claire holds Adam close and cries. He looks bewildered. Willa goes in, but Danny hangs back.

Ten years ago, Young Willa says she told Adam to wait for her across the street (Why?) and that she only saw him talking to her, the ice cream guy, and Hank. Who’s Hank, you ask? That would be the guy who lives across the street and already has an indecent exposure rap. And he apparently got pressured into pleading guilty. Hey, Hank is Andrew McCarthy looking super creepy! Anyway, present Hank, since our DNA test says that the kid you murdered just walked back into town, it looks like you can go. Whoopsie, only 10 years of your life gone! No hard feelings, right, Hank? Hank looks at Meyer, who put him away.

Meyer looks like she’s in Hell, which is only intensified by the sea of flashbulbs she pulls up into. John Warren has arrived. He wants to hug Adam right away, but Claire says let’s do this inside. Goodness, how warm. Willa helps Meyer moves the press back.

Adam moves through the house, getting back in touch with furniture and bric-a-brac. Meyer wants to question Adam immediately so she can catch the dirtbag who abducted him. Claire wants time for Adam to adjust and maybe also a shrink. Meyer is a huge advocate for Adam, or at least for catching his abductor, but her face suggests that she is not crazy about his family.

Hank’s day is not getting any better. As he walks through his neglected house, he learns that nobody told him his mother died a month ago. Oh, but he can stay in the house for a while, so totes no problem.

Meyer asks Adam about the man in the woods. He says the man had gravelly skin, and she writes down “pockmarks.” Adam says he was kept in a basement room with a door in the ceiling and was never outside.

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