“The Shannara Chronicles” recap (1.10): One with Nature


Using Wil’s elfstones, they make it to the Ellcrys, and Amberle is ready to do what she has to do.

Shannara 110-8

She turns to Wil and tells him: She’s the seed. She has to become the Ellcrys. They cry and kiss goodbye, and it’s time. Amberle goes into the tree, and as soon as she’s out of sight, the demon army crumbles to dust. The tree springs to life and everyone is saved; everything is safe. Well, everything except our PrincessRover ship.

Wil caresses his princess tree and yells at Allanon because he knew all along that she would have to become a tree. But he tells him it doesn’t matter what he knew or what Wil thinks because the choice was her own in the end.

Wil decides if he can’t have his princess, he should, at least, save his rover, so he rides off back to Safehold.

In Safehold, Eretria is dragged by trolls to their leader, and when the leader’s mask is pulled off, her face is wrought with surprise. She exclaims, “It’s you!”

Shannara 110-9

And that’s it. I won’t lie; I’m a little disappointed. Maybe it’s because it was a short show, but I feel like why even have Eretria say those things to Amberle in the pool if they weren’t going to explore the possibilities of Princess Rover? Why not just have her have an ex-girlfriend and let that be the end of it? Why not have her kiss both Wil and Amberle goodbye? I feel like they should have either committed to it fully or not done it at all, this in-between stuff feels icky. Also, I thought this show was about fierce, badass women, but things didn’t turn out well for any of them. Amberle’s handmaiden almost got raped and then had to watch someone get bludgeoned to death. Even the woman who was dating the prince-turned-king with her awesome ear-armor got a sword through the gut. Somehow it ended up being about the men in the end. Which I guess was foreshadowed by it being called The Shannara Chronicles and Wil being the Last Son of Shannara or whatever, but Amberle seemed so at the center of it. And now she’s a tree.

What do you think? Am I being too hard on the show? Do you think if we got a second season, Eretria’s queerness would ever be mentioned again? Is that the end of Amberle and her perfect face?

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