“Black Sails” recap (3.06): History has its eyes on you


Previously on Black Sails, Jack left Anne with their half of the treasure so he could get them some pardons, Flint convinced Mr. Scott’s wife to join forces and take Nassau back from England, and Eleanor came back, bitches and finally got in the same room as Max.

On Maroon Island, Mr. Scott is having some kind of healing ceremony performed around him, and his daughter notices someone missing from the room and slips outside. She finds Silver, the only pirate of Flint’s crew who stayed behind when he went to find Vane and Teach to join their fleet and scolds him for not being at the ceremony, as it could be perceived as disrespectful. But he wasn’t skipping because he thought it was just a bunch of hocus-pocus, he has a fever from his infected stump wound because he refuses to let it heal.

Teach and his men have set up camp on a beach and are being randy pirates as per usual. Teach is in bed with a woman who says that her “business” is better when he’s around because she can charge more for being “Blackbeard’s woman.” Everyone wants to be like the great pirate. He’s not as great as they think, though. He has a piece of shrapnel stuck in his chest, tick-tocking toward his ticker like Captain Hook’s crocodile. He’s pretty sure he’s not long for this world, which explains his insistence that Vane become his next of kin.

They’re interrupted when Flint and his men land on their beach, ready to rumble.

On Nassau, Eleanor asks Chambermaid Traitorface how she even ended up working for the Spaniards in the first place.

Black Sails 306-1“Were you born wicked, or did you have wickedness thrust upon you?”

The Chambermaid says she originally declined, but one day when she came home from work, a man was waiting by her kids’ bed with a knife in one hand and money in the other. The man told her to choose which one he gave her children, so what was she supposed to do? Does it make me a terrible person for being glad we had a flashback of that? Because I don’t trust her, but I trust flashbacks. Luckily, Eleanor seems to feel bad despite not seeing what we saw.

Black Sails 306-2I mean, Eleanor’s not really in a position to judge anyone their choices, tbh.

Eleanor goes to talk to Rogers about it, and he confesses that she had been acting weird lately—he could have sworn some paintings were following him with his eyes, he kept finding glass cups outside doors, etc.—but he figured it had to do with his…relationship with Eleanor. Eleanor lets him know her theory about the whole Spanish gold thing, saying it’s not about the money lost, but about their pride.

He says he has to return the cash, or Spain will see him as part of the pirate problem. Eleanor has a different plan, though—what if they fight? Sure, the odds aren’t great, but defying the odds is kind of her thing, so she thinks they could do it.

Black Sails 306-3“And, I mean, I have literally nothing to lose.”

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