“Legends of Tomorrow” recap (1.06): The Future is Bleak


Previously on Legends of Tomorrow, Rip was being hunted by bounty hunter Kronos and the Waverider got knocked out of the timestream, landing the Legends in Star City in 2046, where chaos reigns and the Green Arrow is not Oliver Queen.

Our ragtag team of misfit Legends finds themselves faced with Green Arrow 2.0, who starts shooting at them, despite them name-dropping Oliver Queen. He’s relentless enough that they all scurry back to the ship, STAT.

Once they’re safe from the bombardment of arrows, Sara wants to know WTF is happening.

Legends of Tomorrow 106-1“My face is going stick this way if you keep this up.”

She thought the future was secure for now. But Rip assures her that this future isn’t set yet, and the best thing they can do is fix the ship and get the hell out of dodge. But to fix the ship, they’re going to need something from Smoak Technologies (the artist formerly known as Palmer Tech).

Rip says Sara and Ray can’t go out into their own timestreams, but Sara tells Rip to go float himself. Sara knows Star City better than anyone, and the team is useless without her.

Legends of Tomorrow 106-2“You know I bring in like half this show’s audience, right?”

Plus, she could kick his ass in her sleep, so she dares him to stop her.

Sara leads Rip and the Thieving Duo towards Laurel’s old apartment and Snart teases her, saying her dad must have sucked at his job as police captain if this is the shape of his city. Sara’s eyes grow sad, and she says there’s no way her family and friends are alive if this is what the city has come to.

I’m probably going to ignore most of the whole Jax/Ray/Kendra flirt circle storyline because it was just filler I think, but I WILL give you a photo of Kendra channeling her inner shipyard welder.

Legends of Tomorrow 106-3“I’ve been talking to Felicity, and…”

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