“The 100” recap (3.06): Draw me like one of your skai girls


Previously on The 100, Clarke stopped the people on Mt. Weather from harvesting her people’s bone marrow by melting everyone with radiation; Jaha found the City of Light and has been on a recruiting mission with its resident AI; Raven bought into the Scientology and took one of the City of Light pills to ease her busted leg; Pike started an anti-Grounder crusade that resulted in the slaughter of 300 sleeping Trikru; and Clarke asked Lexa to change history and not retaliate with more fighting.

We open in Polis, where Clarke is sketching Lexa, who fell asleep reading.

The 100 306-1I believe Eliza Taylor called this The Bitanic scene.

Lexa snaps awake from a night terror, and Clarke immediately moves to be next to her. She asks what Lexa was dreaming about, and Lexa said the Commanders from the past were talking to her, showing her their deaths at the hands of an assassin.

The 100 306-2A little different than the “naked in class” nightmare most people have.

Lexa says it’s a warning that this new “Blood must not have blood” thing is pissing them off, but Clarke promises her that a ceasefire is a totally legitimate war move and that it’s for the best. That her legacy will be peace.

The 100 306-3And it will be beautiful.

Lexa gets up and notices the sketch on Clarke’s chair. Clarke gets uncharacteristically shy and is like, “It’s not finished yet.” Lexa doesn’t say anything out loud, but her eyes can’t believe what she’s seeing. Dare she have hope?

The 100 306-4DARE IT, LEXA. DARE IT.

And Lexa doesn’t even know that before she fell from the skai, Clarke used to draw the Earth. The trees and the wind and the flowers were her dream, the place she went in her mind when her real world got too tough, her safe place. Now that she’s on the ground and it’s not quite as she dreamed, Lexa is her safe place.

The two are standing very close to each other when Titus knockblocks and brings in a box that is supposedly a gift from Azgeda to Wanheda. Ice Nation says it’s proof of loyalty, and inside the box is Emerson, a guard from Mt. Weather. Upon seeing Clarke, he launches himself at her growling and shouting. Lexa loses her mind, shouting for her guards to take him away. And now it’s her turn to be by Clarke’s side in a heartbeat. But Clarke is okay. Just a little shaken.


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