The Huddle: Weddings We Love


As much as we love Alexis Bledeland some people have an affinity for Katherine Heigl, most of us can agree that Jenny’s Wedding was severely lacking. Thankfully, there have been many other fantastic weddings in pop culture that we can look to when we want to cry in celebration of an adorable couples’ love.

Group, what has been your favorite wedding to watch?

Daniela Costa: What comes to mind immediately is the episode where Glee redeemed itself. Season 6, Episode 8: “A Wedding.” Brittana and Klaine got married and it was so fantastically gay. Also, their parents were such a damn good time. Usually I’m not one to stand for anyone taking the spotlight away from Santana Lopez, but this worked.


Ever Mainard: I really like the Shrek wedding. 


Bridget McManus: Callie and Arizona from Grey’s Anatomy. Their 2011 “White Wedding” episode made me cry.


Lucy Hallowell: Stef and Lena on The Fosters. Over several episodes, we saw flashbacks of Stef and Lena from when they first started dating, Stef telling her father not to come to the wedding, and Lena telling Stef that she’s “a piece of work. But you’re my piece of work.” It was filmed the same day that the Supreme Court struck down DOMA. It was unabashedly sweet and sappy. They all danced to “Same Love” and honestly, on any other show it would have made me vomit but it worked on this one.


Emily McGaughy: This is a totally generic answer, but it’s true for me: Ellen and Portia. I had only been out for maybe a year when they got married, so I was still adjusting to a new way of life and I wasn’t sure whether marriage would be in my future.  I remember watching clips from their wedding and I cried when they showed them seeing each other for the first time. Portia was the first out femme lesbian that I knew of and her coming out helped me to realize that, just because I was naturally inclined toward femininity, didn’t mean I couldn’t have a place in the queer world. I also grew up watching Ellen’s sitcom and remember very well the public reaction when she came out and kissed a girl on the show. So, for me, Ellen and Portia have always been a significant couple.


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