“Jessica Jones” recap (1.13): Holding out for a hero


Kilgrave isn’t sure either and thinks she is faking. So he tests her. He says Jessica isn’t capable of love, with one exception–Trish. He calls her over and says out loud that perhaps he chose the wrong sister all along. Now he intends to make her his plaything and slave, who he can rape every day. Yeah, I’m not going to miss this villain one tiny little bit.

He turns to leave with Trish–with the contingency that if they ever see her again, Trish will slit her own throat. But before they go he orders her to kiss him and “mean it.” Isn’t that just the saddest, most pathetic “please clap” of so-called romantic gestures you’ve ever heard?


Finally convinced, Kilgrave walks over to Jessica giddy with his return to power over her. He declares his long nightmare “finally over.” Yes, free will is such a bitch. He says she is his now, forever. And he asks her to start with a smile because, again, he is exactly the kind of guy who thinks women owe men their smiles. In fact, he is their god king.

She complies. Then, he whispers in Jessica’s ear: “Tell me you love me.” But instead, she looks over his shoulder at Trish and says, “I love you.” And then she picks Kilgrave up by the jaw and breaks his neck. And just like that, our long nightmare is finally over.


If you can think of another show where a woman telling another woman she loved her was the climax of the entire series’ narrative, I’d love to hear it. Because that’s clearly another show I’d also love to watch. But until then, let me say rewinding and watching that scene over again is a deeply, deeply satisfying experience. Try it if you’re ever feeling a little down. It’s a guaranteed mood lifter.

Luke wakes up still in Jessica’s apartment. Claire is there and explains what has happened. Jessica has been arrested for killing someone–more specifically Kilgrave. Claire tells him someone like Jessica is a good friend to have, and maybe they should try to work through their issues. Instead, he disappears for his own spinoff when she goes to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. See you again on your own show, Luke. But, seriously, did you have to take Claire with you? I think Jessica could use someone with medical expertise in her corner more than you. Heck, you can’t even bleed.


At the police station, Jeri is defending Jessica. She says she has more than enough witnesses to convince a jury that Kilgave compelled Jessica to snap his own neck. And more than enough witnesses–including all those trigger-happy cops–to convince a jury that mind control is real. Perhaps this makes them square, or at least almost square? Jeri doesn’t even ask for that; she just leaves without a word having successfully gotten Jessica released of her charges.

Trish is waiting for her because Trish is always there when it matters. Trish is all that matters to Jessica. There’s talk of all being born a hero, and life pushing us to become villains. Then Jessica returns to her apartment. I will say, it’s remarkable given the percentage of time her door is broken that no one appears to have stolen anything out of her place. Granted, there isn’t much to steal unless you want the CRV from recycled booze bottles.


Malcolm is there cleaning up. He sure has proven to be the true cinnamon roll of this show–so good, so pure. Well, I mean after the whole being a junkie spy thing. Jessica plugs in her phone to charge–a realistic touch I greatly appreciate –and when it comes back, her voicemail has blown up. It’s all calls for help from Jessica. All people reaching out for a hero. Better fix that door, Jessica. So many people are about to come knocking.


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