“Jessica Jones” recap (1.13): Holding out for a hero


Back in her own little corner of Hell, Jeri is very bandaged up and back in her office. Jessica calls to bust her on the fetal tissue. Jeri tells Jessica her life is pretty much in the shitter already–a girlfriend who won’t see her and is being charged with murder, estranged wife who is dead, partners trying to push her out of the practice. Plus, who knows if that cheekbone slash will scar.


But Jessica tells her–even though she made terrible, terrible life choices–she should fight to keep her job. She is who she is, and that is the sharkiest lawyer in New York. So the still living half of the power gay couple will need her as his defense attorney. She tells her while it won’t make them square, doing something does help with the self-loathing.

I know her darkly pragmatic, power-hungry, win-at-all-costs tendencies make Jeri a sack of dark oozing shit in an expensive suit. But, to be honest, I can’t help feeling a little bad for her. Or maybe it’s just the lingering goodwill of my love for Trinity. Either way, I think we’ll be seeing a different Jeri in Season 2, don’t you?


Kilgrave has left a clue, a fancy boat docked at the Hudson Ferry Terminal. Trish knows it’s a trap, and so does Jessica. But at least it’ll be over. But they go anyway, because that’s what heroes do. But nobody said heroes had to go in without a plan.

So we see who we think is Jessica striding into the ferry building. Hoodie, skinny jeans, black boots, and a killer soundtrack. Kilgrave is there, with a whole army of police officers now under his control. They surround her and, oops, it’s Trish and some really fantastic noise canceling headphones.


Granted, I wish they’d come up with a better plan than “And then Jessica shows up after Trish has already revealed herself,” but at least they tried. The fleet of cops opens fire on her. She guided falls over them and races after Kilgrave, who has already made his speedy away.

Next she finds herself on the dock where she also runs into Trish. All that stands between them and Kilgrave now is a small army of dock workers, boat staff, and cruise goers. At first, I thought, well that’s rather small potatoes for Kilgrave. He’s just going to have all these folks throw themselves at Jessica. But, of course not, he is appealing to her hero complex instead. He orders them to “start killing each other.”


Trish jumps in to help, but her headphones get knocked off. Tape those puppies on, folks. It won’t feel good, but you also won’t buzzsaw your own arms off because some British asshole in a nice suit told you to. But Jessica, knowing what she needs to do, marches on through the melee. This annoys Kilgrave to no end because how dare any woman–but particularly Jessica–disobey him.

So he screams “Stoppppppp!” in his most petulant, purple-faced display to date. Everyone stops kicking the crap out of each other. And Jessica, her face awash in shock, stops moving as well. Or did she?


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